April 2020 Product Update

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This article provides you with a summary of the latest product enhancements for April 2020. Click the links below to learn more.


Demandbase for Salesforce App

Updated Campaign Insights Email

What it is:

Based on your feedback, the Campaign Insights email has the following updates:

  • In the Overview section, we now specify how many campaigns are included as part of the insights being reported
  • The Call To Action (CTA) section has been updated as follows:  “Dive into your campaign performance”. Previously, the CTA was “See your best performing accounts this week”.
  • A Learn More link has been added that links to a Campaign Insights how-to article on the Demandbase Success Center. 


When is it available? Now

Updated Date Selector

What it is:

The Date Selector in campaign reporting now enables you to edit either a start or end date versus previously needing to reselect both start and end dates. With this update you can now easily:

  • Update a start date without changing the end date
  • Update the end date without changing the start date


When is it available? Now

Updates to Demandbase for Salesforce App UI and Sync Process

What it is: 

This is a quick update for customers who use our Demandbase for Salesforce App. Due to customer feedback, we removed “Sessions” from the Demandbase Salesforce App user interface and from the Save to Salesforce sync process. Pageviews will continue to be available for you to utilize to understand web engagement of your accounts. 

When is it available? This update will be available by April 24, 2020

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