How to monitor Demandbase for Salesforce Apex Jobs.

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What are Apex Jobs?

Within the Demandbase for Salesforce application, once you click "Save to Salesforce" Demandbase batches your audience into Apex Jobs. Those batches are then sent to Salesforce for processing.

NOTE: Batches are comprised of 100 accounts and their corresponding data from the audience.

How to confirm Save to Salesforce is working using Apex Jobs?

Once you have clicked "Save to Salesforce" you can verify everything is working as expected via the Apex Jobs.

1. Navigate to the gear icon and click "Setup".




Click Setup


2. Use "Quick Find" to search for "Apex Jobs"





3. When you click "Apex Jobs" you will see a list of Batch Jobs.

NOTE: We recommend creating a view to help cut through the noise.
You can create a view from this screen using the following settings.

1. Field - "Apex Class"

2. Operator - "contains"

3. Value - "AccountList"


4. After saving the view you should see the batch jobs and their statuses that were just created by your "Save to Salesforce"

Common Statuses - "Queueable, Processing, Holding, Completed"

Processing - Jobs that are currently running.


Holding -  Jobs that are submitted for execution but are not processed immediately by the system go in holding status.



Queued - Job which has not started yet will default the status of Queued.

NOTE: Apex Jobs are processed entirely by Salesforce utilizing shared resources at the time of the job creation. Since completion is determined by what resources are available Salesforce does not have an estimated time of completion nor do they guarantee a specific SLA for when the job will start and finish.

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