Self-Serve Targeting FAQs

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Click the links below to view answers to common questions about Self-Serve Targeting:

What are the steps for setting up a campaign?

See the Build Your Ad Campaign article to view the detailed steps for setting up a campaign. 

How do I know if the campaign is scoped correctly based on the campaign parameters?

When setting up or editing a campaign, Targeting’s inventory tool will run and check 2 elements based on the scope: 

  • Reach: Based on the target audience, what percentage of the accounts are considered reachable. Reachable accounts are active on Demandbase’s whitelist of ~5,000 sites with at least 50 biddable impressions per month. 
  • Inventory: Based on your budget and rate structure, Demandbase will check to see if there is enough inventory (impressions) to support the budget. 

The inventory tool runs during Step 4: Target audience and Step 5: Creatives once you select to Publish your campaign. There are 3 potential messages you will receive: 

Message 1: Budget, available impressions, and reach look good.


Message 2: Budget and available impressions look good, but too many unreachable accounts. The message lists the parameters you need to adjust.


Message 3: Budget is too high based on available impressions. The message lists the parameters you need to adjust.


What creative file types are supported with the Creative Uploader?

See the Uploading Display Creative to learn more about the creative file types supported.

Once a campaign is published, does Demandbase do any quality assurance testing before the launch? 

During the early adopter program for self-serve, Demandbase will be quality assurance testing all campaigns prior to launch to ensure there are not any configuration issues. As Demandbase builds out some additional monitoring around campaign configuration in Q2 2020, campaigns will be launched without requiring quality assurance testing by Demandbase. Your Demandbase account team will then reach out to you if there are any issues with the campaign. 

What are the configuration issues Demandbase’s AdOps team checks?

The AdOps team reviews the creative and landing page. 

  • Creative: no issues with specs and includes company logo 
  • Landing page: Tag onsite, UTMs 

What is the SLA for Quality Assurance to launch?

For the early adopter program, the SLA for quality assurance will be within 24 hours if a campaign is set up during the weekday. For campaigns set up on the weekend, quality assurance testing will occur on Monday. 

How do I know if my campaign is live?

There are two ways to know if a campaign is live:

  1. Email: Once a campaign has been launched, an email will be sent to the Campaign Creator. 
  2. Targeting reporting: When reviewing the campaign within the ABM Platform, there will be a green dot next to the campaign name. This denotes the status as live. Grey is inactive. 


How do I make changes to a live campaign?

When hovering over the campaign you would like to make changes to, the campaign will highlight and a blue cogwheel will appear next to the campaign name. Click the cogwheel and select Edit


Selecting Edit will take you back into the campaign creation workflow to make adjustments. The following adjustments can be made post live: 

  • Campaign name: renaming of the campaign. 
  • Budget: can be increased or decreased. 
    • You cannot change from a one-time campaign to a monthly campaign or vice versa. 
  • Flight date: You can reduce or extend the end date, but you cannot change the start date if inflight. 
  • Geotargeting 
  • Accounts: Hover over Step 4 and a tooltip will show to click to edit the audience. 
    • A new tab will open where you can view the Audiences page and make changes.
  • Creative: add or remove creatives 

How do I make changes to the audience or accounts being targeted?

Once a campaign has been configured with an audience, you cannot swap out audiences. You can however make changes to the accounts within the audience. In order to do this, you can click on the audience below the campaign name, via the Settings page, or in Step 4: Target audience

Once you are within the ranked list of accounts for the audience, you can select accounts to add or hide accounts and click save. 

How do I keep track of changes made to a campaign?

From the cogwheel, there is a feature called Change History. This enables you to keep track of any campaign configuration changes made by your organization as well as Demandbase. Change History keeps track of the following campaign edits: 

  • Campaign creation (draft to publish) with campaign scope 
  • Changes: 
    • Campaign name 
    • Budget
    • End date 
    • Geotargeting 
    • Creative and landing pages 


As a Campaign Creator, what other options besides campaign creation and edit do I have access to?

Click the blue cogwheel next to the campaign name and you have 2 additional options: Duplicate and Delete

  • Duplicate: For easier campaign creation, you can duplicate a campaign to copy the campaign parameters. Once you have selected this option, you will be guided through the campaign creation workflow with the parameters from the previous campaign copied over. 
  • Delete: You can delete any drafts or inactive campaigns that do not have any spend from the reporting. 

What if I accidentally delete a campaign?

When you select the delete option, there is a popup that will ask if you are sure you want to delete the campaign. This is a safeguard to prevent accidental deletion.  

You can only delete campaign drafts or inactive campaigns (published) that have not yet gone live / been spent. 

Who has the ability to create and edit campaigns; who is a Campaign Creator?

For customers who are included in self-serve Early Adopter Program (EAP) and later on when in General Availability, the admins of the Demandbase Platform will be able to assign the user role and permissions for self-serve. Only users with this role and permissions have the ability to set up, launch, change and delete campaigns. 

Do I have the option to have self-serve and managed campaigns?

Yes, Demandbase still plans to support self-serve and managed campaigns. 

Can I continue to have Targeting be a managed service?

Yes, Demandbase will still support our managed customers without interruption. You now have the option to self-serve, be a hybrid or remain managed based on what works best for your business.

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