February 2020 Product Update

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This article provides you with a summary of the latest product enhancements for February 2020. Click the links below to learn more.

ABM Platform

Dynamic Audiences

What it is: 

Dynamic Audiences empowers you to optimize your ABM strategy by automatically updating campaign audiences with the most relevant target accounts, based on CRM updates, recent offsite intent activity, website engagement, or other events that support a specific campaign.

With Dynamic Audiences, powered by Artificial Intelligence, you can automate the targeting of specific accounts with specific messages based on sales stage, intent, website engagement, and other buyer data. With Dynamic Audiences you can:

  • Automatically advertise to new accounts as they progress through the buyer’s journey
  • Prioritize marketing investment on accounts showing interest in your products
  • Deliver the most relevant content to your target accounts
  • Save time and resources by creating always-on campaigns

Getting Started

Click this link to learn more about working with Dynamic Audiences. 

What is solves:

You use audiences to focus your campaigns and strategies on the right set of accounts, but these audiences can become stale during longer running campaigns. Often, the criteria that you use to define which accounts belong in your audience can change, sometimes day-to-day. Targeting accounts based on specific behaviors is often an effective strategy, but as campaigns can last months or even years, this can result in targeting accounts that are no longer relevant. This leaves you with two options: you need to constantly refresh the audience on your own through great manual effort, or, you let your campaigns target accounts that no longer fit your criteria.

Dynamic Audiences ensure that the accounts that your campaigns target stay up-to-date and relevant. Each night, the set of accounts that satisfy the qualification criteria is re-evaluated, and the audience is updated by adding relevant accounts and removing less relevant accounts. This guarantees that your campaigns are always targeting the right set of accounts.

When is it available?: Now

Enhanced Create an Audience Workflow

What it is:

The Create an Audience workflow wizard has been updated to simplify the process for creating a new audience in the ABM Platform. 

Previously there were four options for creating an audience and with this release there are two options. The table below shows the previous and updated options available. 

Previous Create an Audience Options Updated Create an Audience Options
create_a_new_audience_old.PNG create_account_list_new.png
  • The Upload and CRM options have been combined and are now available in the Use an existing account list option in the updated wizard. 
  • The Account Selection and Firmographics options have been combined and are now available in the Create a new account list option in the updated wizard.

Learn More

To learn more details, see the Create a New Audience article and the Working with Dynamic Audiences articles.

What it solves: The process for creating a new audience has been streamlined making it easier for you to create an audience that matches your campaign goals.

When is it available? Now

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