Campaign Insights FAQs

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Q: How do I set myself up and others within my organization to receive the emails?

A: Campaign Insights emails can be set up on the campaign Settings page. When you select Settings from the cogwheel next to any campaign, there is a section on Watchers. You can see who within your organization is set up for Campaign Insights as well as add or remove users. 


Q: Once a campaign goes live, how soon with a Campaign Insights email be sent?

A: In order to ensure there is enough data, Campaign Insights emails will be sent out for campaigns that have been live for 7 days or more. 

Q: If I add recipients to Campaign Insights that do not have access to the ABM Platform, can they receive emails?

A: A non-user of the ABM Platform can still receive Campaign Insights. If they click the Dive into your campaign performance button at the bottom of the Campaign Insights email, a web browser will open to the ABM Platform and ask them to sign-in. At this time they will need to contact the Campaign Manager to receive access to the ABM Platform and campaign reporting. ABM Platform Admins can also proactively set up a Campaign Insights recipients with access to the ABM Platform so they can dive into campaign performance. 


Q: What if I no longer wish to receive the Campaign Insights?

A: There are two ways to remove yourself or others from the email notifications:

  1. At the bottom of the Campaign Insights email is a link to Unsubscribe From This List. Simply click and select to opt-out of the email.
  2. On the Settings page of each campaign, you can edit the recipients of the Campaign Insights emails. 


Q: If I opt-out of Campaign Insights in Q1 can I receive them in Q2?

A: If you use the Unsubscribe From This List option to opt-out, this will be done at the global level, removing you from all Campaign Insights emails. In order to ensure you can opt-out in 1 quarter or for 1 campaign, it is recommended to remove your email via the campaign Settings page. 

Q: What does the Campaign Insights email look like today?

A: While this is subject to change, below is the current mockup. 


Q: What are the metrics available within the Campaign Insights email?

A: The emails contain the following metrics:

Metric Name Definition
Accounts reached Number of accounts served at least 1 impression or more
Accounts clicked Number of accounts that have clicked on the creative
Lifted accounts Number of accounts with increased engagement (pageviews) on the site versus the baseline period 
Impressions Number of impressions served 
Spend Total campaign spend

Each metric is based on the previous week’s activity. 

Q: How frequently are the Campaign Insights sent?

A: The emails are sent every Monday.

Q: What is considered to be the previous week’s activity?

A: The previous week is Monday - Sunday.

Q: If I am running multiple campaigns, is there a way to get a single email with all the available metrics?

A: If you are running multiple campaigns and have set up Campaign Insights, the email will contain a rollup of the metrics. This is similar to how you review rollup reporting in Targeting reporting.

Q: When I click the Dive into your campaign performance button located at the bottom of the email, where does it take me within the ABM Platform?

A: When you click the Dive into your campaign performance button at the bottom of the Campaign Insights email, you are taken to the Targeting section of the ABM Platform where the campaign(s) you were viewing the insights on are selected.

Q: When I am within campaign reporting, how do I know which campaigns I am receiving Campaign Insights on?

A: An easy way to see which active campaigns are set up for Campaign Insights, is by selecting a new Status filter named Watched by me.



Q: If I pause a campaign, will the Campaign Insights pause as well?

A: If a campaign is paused within the previous week’s date range, there will still be a Campaign Insights email sent. If there is no activity during the date range (spend), the email will not be generated and sent. 

Q: What will the subject line of the email be?

A: Demandbase Campaign Insights for the week of April 13, 2019.

Q: What email address will the Campaign Insights come from?

A: The insights will be sent from Demandbase using the following email address -

Q: What if I do not receive the emails?

A: Sometimes emails are flagged as spam depending upon the organization. We suggest you add as a safe email sender/classify as not spam within your email system. 

You may also not receive the Campaign Insights emails if the campaign has been paused and there has been no media delivery.

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