Working with Opportunity Reports Manager

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The Opportunity Reports Manager allows you to customize which opportunities are used in your reports and analytics. You can create a new opportunity report in Salesforce that matches your exact use-case (such as business unit, sales territory, or product line) and then add this report to the Opportunity Reports Manager by direct integration with Salesforce or CSV upload. From there, you can restrict the opportunities used in ABM Analytics to that particular opportunity report. Below is a sample image that shows the Opportunity Reports Manager page. 


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Accessing Opportunity Reports Manager 

You can access the Opportunity Reports Manager in the ABM Platform from the ABM Analytics page and from the Settings page. 

Accessing Opportunity Reports Manager from the ABM Analytics Page

  1. Log into the ABM Platform with your Demandbase credentials.
  2. Navigate to Home > ABM Analytics.
  3. Click the Filter results by Opportunity Report checkbox.  
  4. Click the Manage opportunity reports link. 


Accessing Opportunity Reports Manager from the Settings Page

  1. Click the Cog Wheel icon on the ABM Platform Home page.
  2. Click the Settings link.
  3. Click the Opportunity Reports link. 


Steps for Using Opportunity Reports Manager

To upload a new Opportunity Report follow these steps:

1. From the Opportunity Reports page, click Add New Opportunity Report.


2. You can create a new opportunity report either by providing the URL of a Salesforce opportunity report or by uploading a CSV that you exported from Salesforce. 


  • Upload Opportunity Report Via Salesforce
    If you select the Salesforce upload option: 
    • Paste the link to the Salesforce opportunity report in the field highlighted in the image below.
    •  Click Add Report


  • Upload Opportunity Report Via CSV
    If you select the CSV upload option, note that the fields highlighted in yellow in the image below are required. The fields do not need to be in any specific order. 
    • Click the Upload CSV file button and select your CSV file.
    • Click Add Report.
    •  Note: The fields “Closed” and “Won” are binary and can be represented by “1” for “Yes” and “0” for “No".


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