November 2019 Product Update

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This article provides you with a summary of the latest product enhancements for November 2019. Click the links below to learn more.

ABM Analytics Enhancements

Targeting Enhancements

ABM Analytics Enhancements

Opportunity Reports Manager

What it is:

The Opportunity Reports Manager is a new tool that allows you to customize which sales opportunities are included in your reports and analytics. A core feature of the Demandbase ABM Platform has always been the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of different marketing strategies by the revenue impact, and now the Opportunity Report Manager offers more precision and control in how these evaluations are made. With Opportunity Reports Manager you can create a new opportunity report in Salesforce that matches your exact use-case, and then add the report to the Opportunity Reports Manager via direct integration or CSV upload.


After you upload your report, you can restrict the opportunities used in ABM Analytics to that particular opportunity report by selecting the Filter results by Opportunity Report checkbox.

  • After you select this checkbox, select the opportunity report you want to filter by in the drop-down list.
  • After you make your selection, select a comparison audience and date range and then click Compare to view the results.



What it solves:

You have long relied on Salesforce opportunity data, imported into the ABM Platform, to measure the impact of your marketing strategies. However, not all the opportunities in your Salesforce data are relevant to your marketing strategies. Previously, you could not customize which opportunity data from Salesforce was used. This meant that you included opportunities that were irrelevant, which led to inaccurate analytics and reporting.

When is it available?: Now

Filter Pre-Existing Opportunities

What it is:

ABM Analytics now has the option to include or exclude already opened opportunities. When you select the Include already opened opportunities checkbox, accounts with opportunities before the start date (that are still opened or closed after the start date) will be included. Otherwise, only opportunities between the start and end date will be included.


What it solves:

Previously, ABM Analytics only displayed the data for opportunities that that existed between the start and end date you selected. Now, you have the option to include pre-existing opportunities which provides a more accurate picture of your account-based performance metrics across different stages of the funnel for a particular audience.

When is it available?: Now

Targeting Enhancements

Expanded URL Tracking with Demandbase DB3

What it is:

Demandbase announces more accurate reporting on post click metrics based on implementing Demandbase DB3. The Demandbase DB3 is designed to transfer click information between advertising and the Demandbase ABM Platform. The DB3 is a unique tracking parameter that sits at the end of a landing page URL. The parameter is anonymized but contains information on the campaign (auction ID, line item ID, creative ID, placement ID, etc). An example of the DB3 Tracking Parameter is highlighted in the example URL below:


What it solves:

You want to minimize the risk of making reporting mistakes, including all post click metrics. Previously, there was no easy way for you to know if there was any data loss in post click metrics. Not having accurate reporting impairs making data-driven decisions regarding strategies and performance improvements. Demandbase now auto tags all of your landing pages with the DB3 click parameter. It improves reporting accuracy of post click metrics, including click thru, landing page lands, and actions taken. The DB3 provides additional data to improve campaign optimizations based on analyzing advertising and post click metrics together.

When is it available?: Now

Enhanced Campaign Reporting

What it is:

Demandbase’s new ad campaign reporting helps you better connect your efforts to revenue. These enhancements build upon a foundation of transparent, business outcome-oriented reporting. Now, the most relevant and actionable information is more accessible to you, and you have a clearer path to attributing impact back to your budgets. To get started with the new reporting, click Targeting Campaigns in the upper navigation bar in the ABM Platform, and select which campaign(s) for which you’d like to see reporting.


Summary of Changes to the Campaign Rollup View - Summary Ribbon

The image below shows the updated Campaigns rollup view.


Summary of Changes to the Accounts Tab (Now Called Performance Tab)

With this release, the Accounts tab is now called the Performance tab. A sample image of the Performance tab is shown below.


Summary of Changes to the More Drop-Down Menu

Several changes have been made to the More drop-down menu. A sample image is shown below.


Summary of Changes to the Export PDF and CSV Reports  

Several changes have been made to the Export PDF and CSV Reports.


What it solves:

While the existing Targeting reporting featured many useful metrics and insights, the flow of information buried many of the most important pieces. Meanwhile, some metrics that Demandbase introduced with the fall 2018 Targeting re-launch had failed to gain traction due to attribution challenges and a lack of familiarity to advertisers.

With these updates, Demandbase has taken a fresh look at how campaign data are presented in the ABM Platform. We’ve re-focused the core views around the impact of campaigns, as opposed to the general status of accounts within the campaign, with an emphasis on incremental website activity, so that you can better understand how your ad dollars are affecting engagement levels from your target accounts. We’ve also made the reporting environments more familiar and more usable for those in your organization who have experience working in other platforms. Finally, we’ve adjusted how we report on users showing high intent to help you better understand reach with the buying committee.

When is it available?: Now

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