Remove Accounts from an Audience

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As you are working with your audiences you may need to remove accounts to keep an audience up to date.   

NOTE: You can remove accounts from an audience that is part of an active campaign.


If you have less than 10 accounts you want to remove (hide) from an audience, Demandbase recommends that you manually remove accounts by following the steps below:

Step 1: Log Into the ABM Platform

1.1 Navigate to and login to the ABM Platform using your Demandbase credentials.

Step 2: Select the Audience You Want to Work With

2.1 On the Home page, search for the audience you want to work with.

2.2 Click the name of the audience to open the list of accounts for this audience.

Step 3: Select the Accounts You Want to Remove

3.1 Click the checkbox next to each account you want to remove.

3.2 Click Hide Selected Accounts in the Actions menu to remove the accounts from this audience.



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