September 2019 Product Update

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This article provides you with a summary of the latest product enhancements for September 2019. Click the links below to learn more.

ABM Platform Enhancements

ABM Platform Enhancements

Filter Out Existing CRM Customers From an Audience

What it is: With this new feature you can optimize and create prospect-only account lists by filtering out accounts marked as customers in your CRM from your audiences. When you are executing marketing or advertising campaigns against an account list, you can be sure that you are optimizing your spend and account engagement by creating lists with only prospect accounts. 

To access the Current Customer filter, login to the ABM Platform and click an audience name you want to work with. The Current Customer filter is located on the left side of the account list. To select customers only, click the Show only customers option and then click Apply Filters

If you are oAuthed with Salesforce, you’ll see a CRM Customer label indicating those accounts are imported from your CRM (see the image below).


If you are non-oAuthed with Salesforce, you’ll see a Profile Customer label indicating those accounts are imported from the ideal customer section in the associated Demandbase Profile (see the image below). 


NOTE: You will only see the CRM Customer label if you are you are oAuthed with Salesforce. If you are not oAuthed with Salesforce, you will only see the Profile Customer label. Both labels will not appear at the same time in the account list.

What it solves: 

Previously, you could not be sure that the audience being used in a campaign contained only prospect accounts. Including existing customers in a campaign resulted in wasted budget and confusion for existing customers because they were receiving messaging tailored for prospective accounts. To get to a list of only prospects, you had to manually look through an account list and exclude existing customer accounts one by one. The current Customer flag for an account in an audience causes confusion and not all customers from your CRM will have this label (because Demandbase only looks at customers input into the Demandbase Profile). 

You can now apply a filter to see all accounts in an audience that are marked as a Customer in your CRM. You can then seamlessly select all and remove these customers from an audience and be ready to utilize this account list for a campaign. You can now better understand why an account has a customer label, because you will now see a distinction in the ABM Platform that lets you know whether your customers are from your CRM or were customers added via a Demandbase Profile.  

When is it available?: Available Now

Improved Audience Comparison Workflow

What it is: When you are conducting segmentation and viewing account information for an audience in the ABM Platform, you can quickly and seamlessly analyze and understand how the audience is performing. When you click Compare Audience you are automatically taken to ABM Analytics where you can quickly analyze and evaluate the selected audience and view relevant performance metrics.


What is solves: You use Demandbase to assist with segmentation and orchestration, but in order to prove the value of these tools and understand the effectiveness of your marketing or advertising tactics you need to be able to quickly analyze and evaluate an audience and view relevant performance metrics. Previously, you may have not been aware of ABM Analytics functionality available in the Demandbase ABM Platform which allows you to conduct this type of analysis. Now, by linking to ABM Analytics from an audience account list, the set up and time required to understand whether an audience is performing is drastically reduced. This allows you to conduct analysis more frequently and effectively, increasing the agility of your ABM strategy. 

Real-time Feedback on Availability of Profile Keywords

What it is: With intent keywords expanding every day, Demandbase now offers real-time feedback on whether B2B buyers are showing activity around your keyword. When you are entering keywords in the Buyers Interests section of the Demandbase Profile wizard, you can now see a tooltip for keywords that are not in our database. This tooltip informs you that "We will evaluate the quality of this keyword and if approved add it to our vocabulary. Please check back again tomorrow."


What it solves: Previously we did not offer real-time feedback on keywords you entered. Now, Demandbase evaluates keywords you enter to improve and expand our keyword database.

When is it available?: Available Now

Renamed Save List as an Audience Menu Item

What it is: When viewing the list of accounts in an audience, the Save List as an Audience menu item to create a sub-audience has been renamed to Segment Audience.

When you click Segment Audience you can create a segment to include all of the accounts or only the top ranked accounts.


What it solves: Previously there was confusion with the term Save list as an Audience menu item. Now, that the name is changed to Segment Audience it matches the most common task you perform which is segmenting an audience.

When is it available?: Available Now

Renamed Trending Intent Tab

What it is:

When you are viewing an account in an audience list, the previously named Trending Intent tab has been renamed to Intent. The tooltip for this tab was also updated to better reflect the purpose of this tab. The tooltip was updated as follows: “The keywords from your profile being researched from employees at this account the last 12 months.” 


What it solves: Previously the name of the tab and tooltip for this tab was confusing for many users. Now that it is updated, it more accurately reflects the purpose of this tab.

When is it available?: Available Now

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