Set Up the Definition for Account Engagement

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Solutions Used

  • The Demandbase ABM Solution Solution (Required)

You can define what Engagement means to you. This definition will be applied to reports where engagement is measured referring to your definition of # of unique sessions. For example, Demandbase’s definition for Account Engagement is 3 or more unique sessions within 30 days as shown below. You can customize the number of sessions and the number of days.



Follow these steps to set up the definition for Account Engagement for your organization.

Step 1: Login to the ABM Platform

1.1 Login to the ABM Platform at

Step 2: Navigate to the Account Engagement Page

2.1 On the ABM Platform home page, click the cog wheel icon located in the upper right corner of the toolbar.


2.2 Select Data Customizations > Account Engagement.


Step 3: Select the Parameters for the Account Engagement Filter

3.1 Select the number you want for the unique sessions or page views.

3.2 Select if you want to filter based on unique sessions or page views.

3.3 Select how many days you want the filter to measure.

3.4 Click Save.


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