Track Content Consumption using Demandbase Data in Google Analytics

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Solutions to Use
  • Demandbase Google Analytics Integration (Required)
  • Google Analytics (Required)


Google Analytics (GA) allows you to track user-level content consumption granting you the ability to trace anonymous user journeys. This means you're able to determine what content on your website is engaging generally but you have no way of knowing what content is being consumed by companies on your website. Demandbase's analytics integration applies the layer of identity you need to track content consumption at the account level.


Follow these steps to use the integration to track content consumption and take action. If you have any questions please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Step 1: Set Up the Content Consumption Report

View the video for a walk through of the Content Consumption Report setup steps. The instructions are also included below.

1.1. Enter your Google Analytics instance and click Customization.

1.2. Click New Custom Report.

1.3. Name your report -- for example, “Demandbase Content Tracking.”

1.4. Go to Type and confirm it is defaulted to Explorer.

1.5. Add the Metrics.

We recommend including the following Metrics, but you can choose whatever metrics suit your needs best: 

  • Pageviews
  • Bounces

1.6. Add the Dimensions.

Explorer reports in GA display the dimensions you set here in a three-layer drill-down format. We recommend including following dimensions in this drill-down order: 

  • Layer 1 -- Industry: Useful to see the differences types of content consumed by each industry. 
  • Layer 2 -- Company Name: Let’s you see the names of each identified company on your website during a specific time period.
  • Layer 3 -- Pages: Shows you all the pages on your site that a company viewed on your website during the time period.

1.7. Add the following Filters:

  • Exclude Company Name > Regex > "YOUR COMPANY NAME": This removes visitors from your own company
  • Exclude  Company Name > Exact > "(Non-Company Visitor)": This removes visitors from unidentified companies.

1.8. Click Save.


Feel free to play around with the metrics, dimensions, and filters to adapt it to your organization’s needs.

Step 2: Adjust the Date Range

Google analytics defaults to seven days and top 10 accounts, so feel free to expand the dates and number of companies on the report to suit your needs.

Step 3: Interpret and Take Action

Use the content consumption report to start mapping target company user-journeys and to identify high value content to leverage for the following purposes.

  • Advertising, SEM, Display, Retargeting, etc.
  • SEO 
  • Website Personalization
  • Content Strategies & Optimization
  • Email Campaigns

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