Set Up Conversion Goal Pages in the ABM Platform

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Solutions Used

  • The Demandbase ABM Platform Solution (Required)

The ABM Platform automatically recommends conversion goal pages for you to track. From the auto generated list you can select the specific conversion goal pages you want to work with. The data from the pages you select will be available for viewing throughout the ABM Platform including ABM Analytics and ABM Platform reports. This is useful if you want to track the metrics for specific conversion goal pages that are recommended by Demandbase’s AI to implement your organization’s ABM strategy. You also have the option to manually specify your own conversion goal pages.


Follow these steps to select the conversion goal pages you want to set up and track.

Step 1: Navigate to the Web Conversion Page Definitions Page

1.1 Login to the ABM Platform at

1.2 On the ABM Platform home page, click the cog wheel icon located in the upper right corner of the toolbar.


1.3 Select Data Customizations > Web Conversion Page Definitions.


Step 2: Select Auto-Detected Conversion Goal Pages

2.1 Click the Autodetected Web Conversion Pages tab.

2.2 Select the Automatically detect new pages option if you want Demandbase's AI to automatically generate a list of conversion goal pages.

2.3 Select the check box next to each conversion goal page you want to track.

2.4 Click Save.


Step 3: Manually Enter Conversion Goal Pages

3.1 Click the My Web Conversions Pages tab.

3.2 Click Add More to add any additional URLs you want to set up as conversion goal pages.


3.3 Select a condition and enter the URL for the conversion goal page you want to add. For example,

3.4 Click Save. All changes to web conversion pages will be reflected after 24 hours.


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