Best Practices for Landing Page Setup

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When an account clicks on your ad, it is essential that they arrive at a landing page that guides the account to accomplish the objective that you want to achieve for the account-based advertising campaign. The landing page is where the account has the opportunity to consume information, navigate through different areas of your website, or be called to a specific action. All of these options have the capability of progressing accounts through the funnel and leverages various ABM KPIs to determine the effectiveness of the campaign performance, such as an increase in site visits, site engagement, and pipeline / opportunity creation.

Recommended Approach

The example landing page below demonstrates general best practices around the setup and layout of your landing pages. Follow along for each of the numbers in the screen shot.

  1. Keep top level navigation on landing pages.
  2. Ensure the main message and primary call-to-actions (CTAs) are prominent and are in line with the campaign objective, message and creative objective.
  3. Make it skimmable. Simplified content or bullet points with a clear visual hierarchy can improve interaction rates.
  4. Include secondary CTAs for additional learning paths.
  5. If engagement is a goal, use a mix of gated and ungated assets to provide additional options for visitors.



Consider how you might retarget visitors to your advertising landing pages.

Objective-Based Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to further optimize campaign performance based on your specific objectives.

Raise Awareness Top-of-funnel prospecting, new-market entry
  • Use a broad value proposition to increase awareness
  • Use ungated content (e.g. solutions page, blog article, white paper, general information)
Build Pipeline Generation, acceleration
  • Include a tailored value proposition Use a mix of gated and ungated content for engagement options (e.g. product page, forms page)
  • Have a clear CTA and important information above the fold Include a form for the primary CTA
  • Use a shorter form to get people into your funnel and nurture them from there
Retain / Upsell Customers Renewal, upsell
  • Reinforce the value proposition
  • Use a mix of gated and ungated assets for engagement options (e.g. case studies, testimonials, forms page, educational resources)
  • Have a clear CTA and important information above the fold

Learn More

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