My agency says they can already do ABM via their DSP. How does the Targeting Solution compare?

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Consumer budgets make up 90%+ of programmatic advertising, and general-purpose DSPs build their platforms with that reality in mind. Having an advertising platform that is built specifically to serve B2B advertisers is crucial, for the following reasons:

  • Audience quality: Typical DSPs depend on third-party audiences, which can be valuable in consumer advertising but are notoriously inaccurate for B2B. Demandbase combines two proprietary datasets (Company level and intent level) to deliver account-based audiences with scale and accuracy that no consumer DSP can match.
  • Campaign execution: Configuring campaigns that manage budget distribution, pacing and performance by account, instead of one big line item for all the companies on your list, which leaves you with no such control.
  • Measurement: Measuring delivery and performance by account -- and on B2B metrics.
  • Account identification: Some advertisers come into account-based advertising with an existing account list. But for those who do not, or for those who could use help understanding and segmenting their account lists, only Demandbase can provide data-driven recommendations based on your inputs combined with rich firmographic data and on-site/off-site intent behaviors.

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