How does Demandbase target companies and buying committees?

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Demandbase overlays two methods of targeting to reach accounts and buying committees: IP/cookie targeting for accounts, and intent cookie targeting for buying committees.

For accounts, Demandbase uses our vast IP-to-company mapping database to identify employees of a given company. We also drop cookies on users’ browsers when we see them enough times on a given IP address so that we can tie them to an employer when they travel or work from home.

For buying committees, Demandbase uses two types of data:

  1. Real-Time Intent buying signals tell Demandbase’s campaign model which individuals within an account are likely to be part of a buying committee based on their patterns of content consumption behaviors from around the web, specifically around the keywords defined in the Profile.
  2. Retargeting: Individuals who have landed on the advertiser’s website are also prioritized in campaign delivery.

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