The profile asks for sample job titles. Does this mean that Demandbase is targeting on job title? Or: How is Demandbase's audience methodology different from traditional persona targeting?

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No. The job titles are used in the profile to assist the AI to choose the right accounts, based on offline data about which job titles are present at those companies. Demandbase ad campaigns use intent and retargeting signals to target the buying committee.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is forbidden to be used on ad exchanges. As such, while there are many offerings purporting to identify job function, department, seniority, etc., in anonymous DMP or cookie segments, these audiences have very low accuracy rates and usually cannot reach a very large audience of real B2B buyers.

Demandbase instead uses directly observed research behavior to identify likely buyers within accounts, which is more accurate and provides much higher coverage. Instead of using unreliable job function segments as a proxy for who might be part of a buying process, we cut out the middle man, by monitoring the buying/research process in action.

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