Pardot Integration Set Up

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Solutions Used

  • Demandbase ABM Platform (Required)
  • Demandbase Salesforce OAuth (Required)
  • Salesforce Pardot (Required)


The Demandbase integration with Pardot lets you execute nurture campaigns when using the Demandbase Salesforce app and for Conversion it displays Pardot Prospects in the Conversion channels of Slack, Email and the Conversion Salesforce app. Follow these steps to set up the integration. 

The CRM OAuth with Demandbase and Salesforce is required to integrate with Pardot. See Connect Demandbase to Salesforce

Required Access: To complete these steps you must have permissions in Pardot to create new a user or if using your own you must be able to view your API Key (see below). You must also be a Demandbase Administrator.


Pardot for Conversion

This integration displays Pardot Prospects in Conversion cards in Email, Slack and the Conversion Salesforce app. The Prospects Names are displayed when there is a web activity.

It is required to OAuth with Demandbase. You must also have Pardot and Salesforce connected.




Pardot for Salesforce App

This integration allows you to push a Demandbase Audience into Pardot as a Segmentation List. It finds all the Prospects that are in the Audience and creates a list. It does not create new Prospects, it only uses your existing ones. The list name will be the same as the Audience name.

Note: The Prospects are collected only if they have a matching CRM Contact. Without a corresponding CRM Contact, the app has no record of a Prospect. It uses the Contact as a means to identify the Account for which the Prospect belongs to.

It is required to OAuth with Demandbase and install the Salesforce App. You must also have Pardot and Salesforce connected.


Create a New API User or Use Your Own

The purpose of this new user is to enable Demandbase to pull your Pardot data with the appropriate credentials. Without such a user, this integration will not work as intended.

 Minimum Role for this user: Your user must have a Marketing role or Higher. 

1.1 Existing User

1.1.1 Navigate to your User in Pardot. Cogwheel > Settings > My Profile and copy the API User Key



1.1.2 Navigate to Demandbase and login

1.1.3 Navigate to Cogwheel > Settings > Access Tokens

1.1.4 Expand the Pardot Credentials and enter your credentials

Note: Only check the "Show Contacts in Conversion Insights" box if you are a Conversion customer and would like to display your Pardot Prospects in Conversion.


Please allow up to 24 hours for the sync to take place between Demandbase and Pardot.

Create New User

Note: You'll need a new user email or a service account from your company.

1.1. Create a new user with the Marketing Role. Enter the following values for the user fields.


    • First Name: Demandbase
    • Last Name: API User
    • Email Address:
    • Role: Marketing (Minimum)

1.2. Ensure the Send Activation Email box is checked (you or someone must have access to this mailbox to confirm the account)

1.3. Uncheck all other checkboxes to prevent this user from receiving alerts or emails other than for activation.

1.4 Follow the Existing User Steps from above to complete setup in Demandbase.

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