March 2019 Security Update

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In the recent past, customers had the ability to test data flow on their own using spoofed IP addresses. However, as part of our security infrastructure enhancements and in an effort to further protect customer data, as of March 27, 2019 we have temporarily disabled this option and we have prepared a more secure solution for you to use. For details about this change please review the information provided below.

Why is this change being made?

We made this change in order to secure custom attribute data that may have been appended to the API response. This data is sent with the Demandbase company API data which allows you to segment traffic within your third party integrations such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

What’s the Impact?

We understand that this change may impact the way you test Demandbase solutions. Previously, you had the ability to utilize a browser extension to specify the IP address via the X-Forwarded-For header. We have disabled this functionality and the response from the Demandbase API will now be the data associated with your public IP address rather than the spoofed IP address you’ve specified.

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