Implementing the Click Macro in Flashtalking Tags

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Solutions Used

  • Demandbase ABM Platform (Required)
  • Demandbase Targeting Solution (Required)
  • Flashtalking (Required)


Demandbase is able to support Flashtalking’s 3rd party tags. In order for clicks to track properly in both Flashtalking and Demandbase reporting, there are a few changes that need to be made. You’ll need to have Flashtalking insert Beeswax’s click macros (Demandbase uses some of their infrastructure to power our account-based advertising services) into the ad tag. 


Here are the required steps.

    1. Insert {{CLICK_URL}} macro into ftClick variable.
    2. Insert {{NUM_DEST_URL_ESCAPES}} into ftContent variable.
    3. Flashtalking adds function to encode the destination URL once by default, and twice if ftContent equals 2.
    4. Flashtalking disables ftClick decoding (by default, Flashtalking will decode any URL inserted into ftClick, which causes an error on exchanges that insert an additional redirect).
Note: Steps 3 and 4 above require you to submit a request to the Flashtalking team.


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