Regenerating an Audience

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Once you create a profile and attach it to an audience in the Demandbase ABM Platform, the profile will affect the data for the audience. When you make changes to a profile, you also need to regenerate each audience that is connected to that profile in order for your changes to be reflected in the audiences.

Here are the types of profile changes that require regeneration.

  • Updated "Buyer's Interests"
  • Updated "Buyers Titles"
  • Updated "Customers"
  • Updated "Engagement Filters"

Steps to Regenerate and Audience

NOTE: You need to complete this process for each audience the profile is attached to.

Step 1: Log in to the ABM Platform, and from the Audiences page click the profile that is attached to the audience.


Step 2: On the Select a Demandbase profile page, make sure the correct profile is selected.

Step 3: Click Generate Audience.


Step 4. On the confirmation window that appears, click Okay.


You will be redirected to the Audiences page where you will now see your audience processing.


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