Whitelist / Blacklist URLs for Conversion Solutions

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If there are particular pages you want to include or exclude for Conversion insights, these pages need to be defined at the profile level. This guide is designed to walk you through the steps in setting up these whitelisted and blacklisted pages.


Step 1: Navigate to Your Profile

1.1. This is the custom profile that was initially created specifically for Conversion. An easy way to identify which profile is used is to go to the Conversion solution in the Demandbase ABM Platform and click the Profile drop-down.


1.2. Once you identify that profile, navigate back to the home page and click the Setup tab. This tab is where you can view all your profiles.

1.3. Select your Conversion profile.


Step 2: Navigate to the Engagement Filters Tab

2.1. When you've selected the correct Conversion profile, navigate to the Engagement Filters tab.


Step 3: Define Your Pages

3.1. From the Engagement Filters tab, you can apply specific conditions so that pages can be included or excluded from showing up in the Conversion insights.


NOTE: Be aware when including pages, these will be the only pages to surface in your insights if defined as included pages.

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