FAQ: Why are some of the accounts in my original list missing when I view my account list?

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When you upload a list of accounts, Demandbase then validates those names against its proprietary database. During this process several different scenarios may result in some of the accounts on your uploaded list to be missing. These include duplicate accounts, missing domains, unrecognized companies, or invalid records.

Here are examples of the different scenarios that can cause data discrepancies:

  • Name and Domain conflict: Your list included the wrong URL for a company.
  • Invalid Domain: A URL in your list had an typo or was blank.
  • Duplicate companies: You listed the same company twice, or the company has two different URLs. For example, if you listed GE twice with GE.com and GE.uk, they will both roll up to be one account called GE and use the URL of the first entry in your list.
  • The IP address is not in our database.

You can use the Audit Report to view the details on how your accounts were mapped and which problems might have occurred during the process. See Next Steps in Import or Reimport Account or Opportunity Data from a CSV File for more information.

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