What is Account Watch? What is it used for? How do I set it up?

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Account Watch is a method of adding your own unique flags, or “attributes,” to the Demandbase ABM Platform so that you can filter and analyze your accounts based on these attributes. Some examples of commonly-used custom attributes include “Customer,” “Early Stage Pipe,” “Named Account,” or “Partner.”

Account Watch lets you analyze the behavior of your target accounts according to each account’s unique relationship with your business, and develop personalized experiences based on that relationship. For example, you can route partners to your partner portal, show a thank you or upsell message to your customers, and bring up the most relevant case studies to your early stage pipeline prospects. Account Watch is also commonly used in our forms connector to pass along custom information with leads from forms to marketing automation to ease the pain of lead routing.

To set up your custom attributes, you first create an Account Watch file that includes columns for account name, domain, address, and your unique custom attributes. Then you send it to your CSM who will work with the Demandbase implementation team to add it to the platform. Get detailed instructions here.

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