FAQs: Site Customization

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How do I publish my experiences?

Once you've setup and previewed your changes, click Activate and the experience is pushed into live production. It may take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

How often should I update my experiences?

Leverage your analytics to monitor the performance of your experiences.

For experiences tailored to a specific webinar or event, set a reminder to deactivate the experience once the date of webinar/event has passed.

How do I share my personalization project with others on my team?

Have users log into https://web.demandbase.com, go to Personalization N.png Personalization > Site Customization from the left navigation bar, and select the project from the list.

How do I update images for my experiences?

When creating your site customization experience, select the image element you want to update in the Visual sub-tab and add the URL where the image is hosted in the Image text box.


  • Hosting your images with your website results in the best load times.
  • Ensure that the shape and size of the images you use for different experiences are consistent to maintain your page layout.
  • It is not recommended to use images from public websites or Google Images.

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Why is my Site Customization not working?

Site Customization does not monitor your website for code that may change. Any page that has the Demandbase Tag and matches the specifications received within the portal will be deployed on the set sites. If a site changes, there is no way to prevent Site Customization from knowing not to change your page, without explicitly telling Site Customization to deactivate while a redesign is occurring. This can sometimes cause unintended effects if deactivation is not first indicated prior to a new site re-launch.

Is your segment value correct? For example, a segment set to match exactly "industry" of "Fin-Tech" will most likely not trigger a customization as by default these return standardized ISO values upon site visit. The exception in this case is if you have connected with your Customer Success Manager to customize your return values.

Does your site have some Javascript that might be interfering with Site Customization?

Do you have CSS or inline style rules on your site/element that may be conflicting with your customization? Or did your previous element have an inline customization which needs to be added into Site Customization?


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