Use Personalized Ad Creative

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Solutions to Use

  • Demandbase ABM Platform (Required)
  • Targeting Solution (Required)


Getting the message right is just as important as reaching the right audience in the right places. Personalized ads command more attention and drives more qualified traffic. In fact, our analysis across hundreds of Demandbase campaigns revealed that personalized ads garner significantly better engagement and conversion rates compared to non-personalized ads.

Demandbase Targeting Solutions uses our patented technology to find people at specific companies out on the greater Web and serve ads to them. We’ve built a full, high-performance ad tech stack that offers unique targeting and delivery capabilities with clear tracking and results. As a part of our Advertising Solutions, we also have the ability to serve dynamically personalized ad creative to each company.

Recommended Approach

Use Demandbase Targeting Solution to efficiently deliver personalized ads for each of your account-based advertising campaigns. Our technology serves dynamically personalized ad creative to each audience you specify.

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There’s no need for you to produce multiple ad creatives for each audience message. Once you have your target audience of accounts, simply choose the different type of personalization that works best for your use case. Demandbase let’s you personalize the text, background image, and call to action (CTA).

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