Set Up the Conversion Salesforce App

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Solutions Used

  • The Demandbase Conversion Solution (Required)
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The Demandbase Conversion App lets your organization access Demandbase insights at the account level within Follow these steps to install and configure the app.


Setup Steps

Step 1: Install the Conversion App

NOTE: Please do not install the app until you are instructed to so by a Demandbase representative.

1.1. Log in to your Salesforce Org, such as

1.2. In the URL of your browser, append the following to the domain: 



1.3. Click Enter.

1.4. Select Install for All Users.

Install_Conversion.png1.5. Click the Install button. The installation may take a few minutes. You will see “Installing and granting access to all Users…” while it’s installing.


1.6. After the package is installed, you will see a “Installation Complete!” message and will receive an email confirmation.


Step 2: Grant Access

2.1. In go to Setup > Manage Apps > Connected Apps and search for Conversion. Click the Conversion link.


2.2. On the Conversion Connected App screen, click the Edit Policies button.


2.3. On the oAuth Policies section select Admin approved users are pre-authorized. Click the Save button.


2.4. On the Conversion Connected App detail screen go to Profiles and click Manage Profiles.


2.5. Select the profiles for which you wish to grant access to Conversion and click the Save button.


Step 3: Set Up the Account Page Layout

3.1 Navigate to the Account Page Layout under Salesforce Classic Setup. Click Edit.


3.2. Add a new section to the Account Page Layout. (e.g. Demandbase Conversion).


3.3. Hover over the upper right corner of new section and click the Wrench icon. Set the section properties to single column.



3.4. Under the Visualforce Pages, select the Conversion Visualforce page and drag and drop it onto the new Section.


3.5. Hover over the upper right corner of the Conversion Visualforce page and click the Wrench icon. Set the page properties as follows.

  • Width = 100%
  • Height = 200
  • Show scrollbars = checked


3.6. Click the Save button to save the Account Layout changes.

Step 4: Set Up the Conversion Card

4.1. Navigate to an Account in Classic view and go to the new Demandbase Conversion section. If the account has been synced with Demandbase through the Demandbase CRM Ingestion process, then one or more cards should be displayed.


4.2. Next switch to Salesforce Lightning view.


"My Domain" must be enabled in your Org in order for lightning components to be available.

4.3. Navigate to the account detail page for an account. Click the Setup icon and select Edit Page.


4.4. On the Lightning App Builder screen (on the left side of the screen), scroll down the list of components until you find the Conversion component under the Custom – Managed section.

4.5. Drag and drop the Conversion component onto the right narrow component area.


4.6. Click the Save button and then Activate the report page. This can be done by clicking the "Assign as Org Default" button.


4.7 Close the Activation page then click the Back link in the upper right corner and one or more Demandbase Conversion cards should display.


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