Build an Audience for Your Ad Campaign

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Solutions to Use

  • Demandbase ABM Platform (Required)
  • Targeting Solution (Required)


Demandbase gives you several options to create audiences in the ABM Platform including Account Selection, firmographic data, uploading an existing list, and CRM report integration.

When you use Demandbase Account Selection to create a new audience you will be able to apply filters for accounts with the strongest buying signals. This can either be a ranking of accounts or Demandbase can unearth a list of in-market accounts. Then you can use this list with your next ad campaign to drive optimal business outcomes.

By monitoring content consumption behaviors from around the web and using artificial intelligence to discover engagement patterns, Demandbase identifies those with a high likelihood of being in-market for your solutions while also uncovering  decision makers and stakeholders for a given account. The Targeting Solution will deliver ads only to those accounts that are in-market, prioritizing the likely buyers within.

Recommended Approach

Here are some examples of what you can do with your audiences using account based advertising.

Get into a New Market

When you are breaking into a new industry, region or even delivering a new product it can be challenging to understand who the most likely buyers are. By using Account Selection to discover accounts showing buying signals, you can take the guesswork out of your target audience and understand exactly why they are being recommended for targeting.

Upsell Current Customers

Identifying and targeting existing customers for an upsell can help improve funnel velocity and result in higher deal sizes. Using Account Selection you can identify which customers are in-market for your upsell solution. This lets you prioritize your efforts and measure the impact of the ad campaign on progress of your target accounts through the funnel.


There are additional ways to use your list of in-market accounts. Many marketers will share this list with sales, field marketing for localized events along with additional tactics such as email nurture, social and search.

See How

View this video to see how to create a new audience of target accounts using Demandbase's Account Selection technology. 


 Log in to the ABM Platform and follow these steps.

Step 1. Click the Create New Audience button on the Audiences home page in the ABM Platform.

Step 2. Click the Create a new account list option. 

Step 3. Name the audience.

Step 4. Select a Demandbase Profile. 

  • A Demandbase Profile tells us about you, your customers and competitors, and the the types of content a buyer typically consumes in the course of researching solutions in your category. 
  • Your Profiles enable Demandbase’s Artificial Intelligence-driven modeling to 1) identify the accounts that fit your firmographic criteria and are showing the right intent signals, and 2) identify the specific buyers within those accounts based on their behaviors
    across the web. 
  • Click this link to view a video of how to build a Demandbase Profile.

Step 5. Select firmographics.

Step 6. Select values for engagement and intent.

Step 7. Select the type of audience: Dynamic or Static.

  • A Dynamic Audience is a list of accounts that changes based on behaviors or rules you specify. What makes the audience dynamic is that the accounts included in the audience change as criteria are met. For example, if you specify that you only want accounts that have visited your web page in the last 30 days, then as time passes, only the accounts that fit that criteria will be included in the audience list. 
  • A Static Audience is a list of accounts that have met your initial criteria but do not change over time. 

Step 8. View the audience.

Step 9. Segment the list by applying filters that match your campaign goals.

View this video to see how you can use filters.

Step 10. Save the audience and use it with your next ad campaign.

Step 11. Measure results using Campaign Reporting to understand how your campaign is impacting the funnel. ABM Analytics can also provide insights by comparing to a control group as well as pre-advertising.

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