Showcase the ROI of Your ABM Program

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Solutions to Use

  • Demandbase ABM Platform (Required)
  • Targeting Solution (Optional)
  • Engagement Solution (Optional)
  • Conversion Solution (Optional)


To build credibility with your stakeholders and gain buy-in and resource allocation decisions for your ABM Strategy going forward, use the reporting available in the ABM Platform to highlight the business impact of your ABM campaigns.

Recommended Approach

Use ABM Analytics to generate and share reports that show successful progress of accounts through the buying cycle and impact on revenue. Use the results to facilitate conversations across your organization to highlight performance data and drive decision making on next steps and resource prioritization.


If you executed a high-value direct mail campaign to a specific audience, you'd be able to share ABM Analytics reporting that shows a higher proportion of the accounts progressing through to the funnel to become sales opportunities compared to a similar set of accounts that did not receive the campaign.

Similarly, you would expect website visits to be higher for an audience that has received your latest ad campaign compared to a control group that received an older ad campaign prior to any optimization work. The improved metrics showing progress to the next stage speaks to how well your ad campaign is working.


When having discussions with your stakeholders about the incremental impact of marketing investment, it's critical to acknowledge that some accounts would have been expected to convert through the funnel regardless, but those that are receiving additional investment SHOULD be converting at much higher rates.


Log in to the ABM Platform and follow these steps.

        1. Click the ABM Analytics tab.
        2. Select the audience you want to monitor in the Primary Audience field.
        3. Select a Comparison Audience that will serve as your control group.
          1. To let Demandbase automatically generate the comparison audience, select the Control Group Accounts list.
          2. To use your own control group, select one of your existing audiences from the drop down list.
        4. Select a start date and end date for the data you want to see.
        5. Click the Compare button.
          1. Now you will be able to see the two audiences side-by-side and compare their performance at any stage of the funnel.
          2. The Total Won metric represents the revenue generated from your ABM strategy and tactics, and is derived through integration with your CRM system.
        6. Click Share Report and select an option. You can share the chart with stakeholders by sending them a direct link or a PDF version.


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