Use Filters and Account Selection to See Which Accounts are Ready to Buy

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Solutions to Use

  • Demandbase ABM Platform (Required)
  • Account Selection (Optional)


Knowing which of your target accounts are ready to buy helps you quickly prioritize and focus your efforts to market to them with relevant conversations.

Use the ABM Platform Audiences page with Account Selection to identify accounts showing interest and intent in your products and services, then adjust your audiences and segment them to focus your efforts on the right accounts with engaging experiences.


  1. Log in to the ABM Platform.
  2. Select an Audience: From your Audiences page, you’ll see a list of all of the audiences created for your organization. To view the details for any of these audiences, just click the one you want to see.
  3. Apply Filters: Apply filters to create a subset of the audience-- for example your largest accounts filtered by highest ranked score. Then save the filtered list as a new segment. You can now focus on this audience segment across your marketing and sales activities.


  • Rank and score: The list of accounts is ranked and scored according to buying intent strength. You can filter the list to limit it to only the highest-scoring accounts.
  • Industry and Size: Set filters for the specific industries and employee sizes you want to include in the segment.
  • Engagement: Apply additional filters for website activity such as page views and last visits. You can also filter by specific keywords being used by the accounts to research topics relevant to  your business.

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