Find New Accounts that Aren't Yet in Your CRM

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Solutions to Use

  • Demandbase ABM Platform (Required)


To ensure your target account list includes companies that meet your criteria, are showing strong buying signals, and are demonstrating interest in your product, it’s important to discover and add in the right net-new accounts in addition to your known accounts. These are accounts that might not be in your CRM or MAS.

With Demandbase Account Selection you can use the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically recommend target accounts for your organization based on the inputs you include in your Demandbase profile. The output of an Account Selection-generated audience includes accounts across our entire database that are showing intent for your products or services, including accounts that are not yet in your other systems.


You might be running an advertising campaign aimed at enterprise accounts and you want to be sure you’re reaching buyers within companies that aren’t yet in your CRM. You can use Demandbase Account Selection technology surface these accounts and create a new audience segment for your campaign.


To have Demandbase recommend target accounts follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to the ABM Platform

1.1 Navigate to 

1.2 Login with your Demandbase credentials.

Step 2: Create a New Audience

2.1 On the Audiences page in the ABM Platform, click Create New Audience.

Step 3: Select an Audience Type

3.1 Click Create a new account list to open the build audience wizard. 


Step 4: Name the Audience

4.1 Type a name for the new audience.

4.2 Click Continue.


Step 5: Select a Demandbase Profile

5.1 Select a Demandbase Profile in the list.

5.2 Click Continue.


Step 6: Select Firmographics

6.1 Select firmographics for this audience including: Account Location, Revenue, Employee Size and Industry.

6.2 Click Continue.


Step 7: Select Values for Engagement and Intent

7.1 Select the Engagement and Intent options as follows: Page Views, With Trending On-site Engagement, Last seen on-site, Intent Keywords and With Trending Off-site Intent. 

7.2 Click Continue.


Step 8: Select Audience Type

8.1 Select if you want to make this audience dynamic or static.

  • When you select the  Make it dynamic option, you are enabling the audience to be automatically updated based on the criteria and behavior you’ve specified.
  • When you select the Make it static option, the list of accounts that make up the audience that have met your initial criteria but do not change over time. 

8.2 Click Create Audience


Step 9: View the Audience

9.1 Once the audience is finished processing, you can view and work with the ranked list of accounts that make up the audience by clicking the audience name. Note the audience is labeled if it is a dynamic or static. 


9.2 Click the View audience definition link to view the filters applied to this audience. 


Step 10: Apply Filters to the Audience 

10.1 Use filters to further refine this audience as needed. 

10.2 After applying the filters, save the audience as a segment by clicking Save as segment in the Actions menu. 

View this video to see how you can use filters in the ABM Platform: 

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