Create and Use Audience Segments

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Solutions to Use

  • Demandbase ABM Platform (Required)
  • Account Selection (Optional)
  • Targeting Solution (Optional)
  • Engagement Solution (Optional)
  • Conversion Solution (Optional)


Building target account audiences in the Demandbase ABM Platform enables you to use and manage them for key ABM campaigns throughout the buyer journey. Once you create audiences in the ABM Platform, you can manage and use them from one central location across all funnel stages for advertising, site personalization, sales team insights, and measuring the effectiveness of your ABM tactics.


The size of your target account list depends on a variety of individual factors, including your business goals, team size and broader company initiatives. If you’re struggling to define accounts or need help proving the value of ABM within your organization, consider running a pilot program with a small number of accounts. As you start to see success, you can scale your ABM initiative and support a larger list of companies. You can also use this Target Account List Calculator to help you determine the size of your target account list.

Create an Audience

Demandbase gives you two options to quickly build a new audience of target accounts in the ABM Platform. These options are available from the Create New Audience button located on the Audiences page.


 There are two options for creating an audience:

  1. Use an existing account listThis option lets you upload your existing list of target accounts in CSV file format or import target accounts from your CRM data.
  2. Create a new account listUse this option to let Demandbase artificial intelligence (AI) technology recommend target accounts for you. You can also filter your audience using firmographic data including: employee size, revenue range, industry and location. In addition, you can filter by Intent and Engagement data including: Page Views, With Trending On-site Engagement, Last seen on-site, Intent Keywords and With Trending Off-site Intent. Before you create your audience you also have the option to save this audience account list as a dynamic audience or a static audience. 
    • A dynamic audience is a list of accounts that changes based on behaviors or rules you specify. What makes the audience dynamic is that the accounts included in the audience change as criteria are met. For example, if you specify that you only want accounts that have visited your web page in the last 30 days, then as time passes, only the accounts that fit that criteria will be included in the audience list. See Working with Dynamic Audiences to learn more about working with Dynamic Audiences.
    • A static audience is a list of accounts that have met your initial criteria but do not change over time. 


Use Your Audiences

All of the audiences you create in the ABM Platform are available for you to use as you carry out your ABM strategy throughout the buyer journey. Here are the main ways you can use your audiences.

  • Deliver targeted advertising: Reach the buying teams researching your offering and attract them to your site with account-based ads.
  • Personalize your site experience: Optimize site content for audiences showing intent to increase engagement.
  • Power your SEO/SEM: Uncover specific terms and topics potential buyers are researching across the web.
  • Get ahead of the competition: Target accounts who are researching your competitors.
  • Arm your SDR team: Trigger SDR outreach for accounts showing spikes in interest.

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