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Your target account list serves as the foundation of your Account-Based Marketing strategy. It’s not just the final output of the companies you want to target -- it also helps align your organization around a set list of accounts and enables you to make decisions through an account-based lens. That’s why it’s critical to identify the right accounts -- the ones that are most likely to buy from you. To be successful with your ABM strategy you need a dependable, efficient way to reach the actual buyers within your target accounts, especially when you’re targeting a large enterprise where there might be tens of thousands of employees but only a couple dozen people who are important to you.

Recommended Approach

Use the Demandbase ABM Platform with Account Selection to identify the companies that meet your buying criteria and are showing the right intent signals. Demandbase technology ensures you have the best list with the strongest target accounts by combining it’s huge B2B dataset with artificial intelligence-driven modeling to score every company in the database according to buying signals indicating intent. It can determine which signals indicate a strong account for your business, and provide you with a ranked list of target companies in a matter of minutes. And it delivers ongoing signals around behaviors and intent to keep your list fresh. Then use the audiences you’ve created across the funnel to focus marketing and sales efforts on the right accounts.


Create your target account list collaboratively with your sales team. Use your target account list to drive strategic, operational, and resource alignment. To learn the essential best practices we strongly recommend that you complete the Demandbase ABM Foundations Certification and the Demandbase Solutions Certification

Next Steps

Here are the main tasks you can carry out by applying Demandbase’s account identification capabilities.

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