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You’re up and running with the Demandbase Conversion Solution, but does Sales know what to do with the insights? This article reviews the most common use cases for how your sales team can use insights from the Demandbase Conversion Solution to prioritize their accounts, reach out at the right time, and personalize their outreach. Click the links below to learn more.

Prioritize Accounts Based on Activity

To increase efficiency and save time, sales teams need to focus on target accounts that are visiting your web site’s high value pages.

Example 1: Email Digest

Using Increased Activity Insights in the weekly email digest, your sales team can prioritize accounts showing an increased interest in your website, and then use the specific pages visited to help discover new contacts and personalize their outreach.


Example 2: Slack Alerts

Slack alerts are real-time alerts of your target accounts’ activity. You should make these target accounts a top priority. This type of insight includes the account name and links to the specific pages they are visiting. Based on the pages they are researching, you can take immediate action by opening Salesforce or LinkedIn Sales Navigator and reaching out with personalized messages to contacts you find at each account.

Prioritize Accounts Based on Intent

Demandbase looks for Intent Insights using topics and keywords that were defined specifically for your company. The Conversion Solution sends your sales team an Intent Insight when more people at a company are reading/researching that topic than usual. Intent insights are great early buying signals, and give your sales team the opportunity to start a meaningful conversations before your competitors do.


Using Intent Insights your sales team can focus on accounts that are reading/researching relevant topics.


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Timely Outreach Based on Re-engagement

A Re-engaged Activity Insight is particularly valuable, as it indicates that a target account that has not visited your web site in some time has returned, and is engaging in a meaningful way.


Use the specific pages visited to find the right contact in LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Salesforce and personalize your outreach as soon as you receive a Re-Engaged Activity insight.


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Tips and Best Practices

For tips and best practices for using the Conversion Solution visit this link.

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