Site Customization Introduction


Site Customization is a solution that lets you display content you specify for different target accounts and segments.

To customize your site, you select the page and page elements you wish to personalize for a given audience segment, such as a hero image, message, or call to action. Demandbase will deliver the personalized content you’ve specified based on visitor segment.


Site Customization data flow



Review these definitions to understand the terminology used with Site Customization.

  • Segment: High-level rules/conditions, such as Industry = Software where 1 or more Experiences can run for the segment.
  • Segment Name: A name for the segment such as Software Segment.
  • Matches: Any or All here refers to OR and AND operator on the Segment rules.
  • Experience: One or more change actions such as changing the text, image or link of an HTML element. Experiences map to a single URL where the change actions will run on.
  • URL: A full URL including path-names.
  • HTML ID: The ID or class of an element. It is important to have unique selectors so that at run-time the desired element will be guaranteed to be modified versus other elements with similar names/IDs.

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