Monitor the Health of Your ABM Strategy

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Solutions to Use

  • Demandbase ABM Platform (Required)
  • Targeting Solution (Optional)
  • Engagement Solution (Optional)
  • Conversion Solution (Optional)


It’s important to monitor the incremental impact of ABM programs by tracking the progress of your most valued accounts through the buying cycle. This helps you determine next steps to optimize your tactics and lets you identify areas of success to demonstrate ROI for your ABM program.

You can use ABM Analytics, a capability included with your Demandbase ABM Platform, to get a complete picture of your overall marketing performance by viewing combined data from across the entire sales and marketing funnel. ABM Analytics lets you diagnose the health of any audience by comparing it to a control group that did not receive the same campaigns. This side-by side comparison helps you to understand the health of your target account list at any stage in the funnel.


Log in to the ABM Platform and follow these steps.

  1. Click the ABM Analytics tab.
  2. Select the audience you want to monitor in the Primary Audience field.
  3. Select a Comparison Audience that will serve as your control group.
    1. To let Demandbase automatically generate the comparison audience, select Control Group Accounts list.
    2. To use your own control group, select one of your existing audiences from the drop down list.
  4. Select a start date and end date for the data you want to see.
  5. Select the Include already opened opportunities checkbox to include accounts with opportunities before the start date. 
  6.  Select Filter results by Opportunity Report checkbox to customize which sales opportunities are included in your reports and analytics. After you select this checkbox you select the opportunity report you want to filter from the drop-down list. You can create a new opportunity report in Salesforce that matches your exact use-case, and then add the report to the Opportunity Reports Manager via direct integration or CSV upload. 
  7. Click the Compare button.
  8. Click the checkbox for Show progression rates to the next stage. This will show you the progress of the audience for each stage in the funnel.
  9. To see which accounts are dropping off for each funnel stage, click the Show account stage drop off check box.

Interpreting the Data

You will see a series of bar charts showing metrics for your audience vs. the control audience. Each set of bars shows metrics for a specific stage in the funnel as follows.

  • Accounts that visited your website during the time period
  • Accounts that engaged with your site content
  • Accounts that converted to an opportunity through a form fill
  • And accounts that are close won status in your Salesforce system


You can also see the progression rate to see the percentage of the audience at each of these stages that moved on to the next stage, as well as the drop off rate between stages. You can use this analysis to focus in on specific performance issues and decide what actions to take next.

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