Q1 2019 Product Update

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Demandbase is committed to continuously improving our products so that your ABM strategy stays at the top of it's game.


  • Deeper ABM Platform Capabilities: This quarter we’ve made account lists even more actionable, incorporating easier to use audience management and new, deeper integration with Salesforce.
  • Next Generation Targeting: Demandbase continues to enhance the next generation of account-based advertising, with additional reporting, ten times more data for better intent-based targeting, plus dynamic bid optimization.
  • More Enterprise Features: Demandbase continues to build on a culture of security, investing in robust enterprise-grade, hardened infrastructure and security best practices.

Everything We Released

ABM Platform

Demandbase for Salesforce

The Demandbase Salesforce app brings limited Platform Pro functionality to Salesforce. It allows users to view, segment and prioritize accounts with Account Selection and for all CRM based Audiences they can push intent, web engagement and audience level data to Salesforce.


Demandbase for Salesforce Pardot

The Salesforce app has Pardot mode which brings specific functionality for Pardot. It allows users to seamlessly translate a list of accounts into a list of Prospects in Pardot to execute nurture campaigns through an ABM lens. It makes Audiences actionable via a direct Marketing Automation integration and eliminates time spent reconciling data offline and refreshing lists in MAS.


Modify Audiences (Add/Hide)

Users are now able to add or remove accounts from an audience by selecting accounts from an existing audience or uploading new accounts via CSV. This eliminates the need to manually reload an audience to make small changes.




Audience Management

Users are able to rename or delete audiences in the platform by hovering over an audience name and clicking on the cog wheel.



Audit Report

Users now have visibility into how accounts were mapped from their CSV files or CRM reports to accounts in an Demandbase audience during the audience creation process. You will be able to review problematic account records and make edits in the platform, ensuring that all key accounts are included in an audience and can be used throughout the Demandbase platform.


Targeting Solution

Campaign Roll Up

All Next Gen Targeting users will now have the ability to select the campaign(s) they would like to view reporting on. The metrics in Campaign Summary will then change based on the selection. This will enable you to see individual campaigns or segment performance as well as a roll up view.


Lifetime vs Current Audience

A filter on the left rail, this allows users to see performance for a current audience (list of target accounts) as well as lifetime audience (target accounts you may have removed from the campaign).


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