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This glossary describes the key concepts and terminology used in Demandbase Solutions. Click the links below to learn more.

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AI: Artificial Intelligence

Technology that enables computers to mimic human intelligence. 

API Key: Application Programming Interface Key

A code used to identify the source of a web service request. 


An audience is made up of a group of your company's target accounts. Target accounts are those companies with the most potential to purchase your company's product and services. There are two types of audiences in the ABM Platform: Dynamic and Static.

  • A Dynamic Audience is a list of target accounts that changes based on behaviors or rules you specify. What makes the audience dynamic is that the accounts included in the audience change as criteria are met. For example, if you specify that you only want accounts that have visited your web page in the last 30 days, then as time passes, only the accounts that fit that criteria will be included in the audience list. To learn more, see Working with Dynamic Audiences.
  • A Static Audience is a list of target accounts that have met your initial criteria but do not change over time. 




In order to measure success of your marketing initiatives, you set up a baseline to track a set of metrics over a specified time period. You use the baseline results to compare to a different time period to see if your marketing initiatives showed improvement over the baseline. 



CMS: Content Management System

A platform that enables creation and management of digital content.

Campaign Insights Emails

Campaign Insights emails provide a weekly snapshot into the performance of your account-based advertising campaigns. The automated emails are sent on Mondays and capture the past 7-days activity across 5 key metrics: accounts reached, accounts clicked, accounts lifted, spend and impressions served. Recipients will be able to click through to campaign reporting in the ABM Platform to dive deeper into the data. 

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To learn more about the Campaign Insights Emails see the Working with Campaign Insights and Campaign Insights FAQs.

Comparison Audience

In ABM Analytics, the comparison audience is the audience you are comparing to your primary audience. The Control Group Account List is automatically populated with accounts that closely resemble the ones in your Primary Audience – based on industry, size and domain suffix. If you have connected to your CRM, the Look-Alike Control List will be populated from accounts within it.


Data sent from a website that is stored on the website visitor's computer.

Conversion Solution

Provides the data and insights that Sales needs to better understand and target the right individuals, with personalized messages, within your target accounts. Demandbase's Artificial Intelligence engine leverages a set of specific inputs to process massive amounts of data resulting in timely, relevant, and unique insights, including:

  • Intent – What are your accounts interested in before they've made a buying decision? Intent insights allow users to see spikes in their account's interests.
  • Website engagement – Detailed insights regarding what your target accounts are doing on your website’s high value pages, including monthly traffic reports, re-engagement notifications, and traffic bursts.

These insights are delivered right where the Sales user lives –in email, on the platform, and in other sales productivity tools like Slack. Each insight features an integration to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, enabling easy access to key contacts and contact discovery.

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To learn more about the Conversion Solution see the Conversion Solution Overview.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

A data-based method of managing customer relationships with the goal of retaining customers to grow long-term sales. Salesforce is an example of a CRM system. Demandbase integrates with Salesforce.

Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes are first party attributes provided by a customer that can be used in the ABM Platform to filter, segment, and create sub-audiences. They are ingested into the ABM Platform during the audience creation process. When creating an audience via File Upload or CRM, any fields included in your source file that are not recognized as Account Name or Domain will be identified as Custom Attributes and pulled into the ABM Platform. 


Custom Attributes are tied to an Account not an Audience. If a Custom Attribute is appended to Account A during the creation of Audience 1, this Custom Attribute will also be tied to Account A if it is in a different Audience, say Audience 2.



Demandbase Account Score

This metric is located in the Audience CSV export file and is the same metric as the Overall Score in the Audience list. The score is ranked as High, Medium and Low. Based on our AI, high scoring accounts are more qualified than 75% customers, and medium scored accounts are better qualified than 25% of your customers, and low scored accounts are below the 25% threshold.

Demandbase Tag

A small block of JavaScript that you place on each page of your company’s website. The tag asynchronously loads a unique file from the cloud which contains your specific modules and configuration. The JavaScript file, which is managed by the Demandbase team, is optimized for both download and execution speed. It is secure and automatically loaded over SSL as needed.

Domain Name

A "user-friendly" name used to represent one or more IP addresses. For example, "" is Demandbase's domain name. 

DSP: Demand Side Platform

A technology platform that automatically selects and bids on ad impressions across multiple ad exchanges. 

Dynamic Audience

An Audience created in the ABM Platform which refreshes on a regular cadence based on the criteria used to create it. For example, you might want to track an audience of accounts with
open opportunities, or accounts that are showing intent signals for particular keywords, both of which change frequently.


Engagement Solution

Lets you deliver targeted, personalized messages and content to visitors from your target accounts – even when they’re unknown.

With the Demandbase Engagement Solution, marketers can:

  • Segment target audiences to provide relevant, personalized experiences on their websites.
  • Automatically recommend the right, high-value content and goal pages for each visitor.
  • Optimize their websites through automatic testing and optimization.
  • Eliminate fields and make web forms shorter to increase conversion rates.
  • Engage target audiences with the right live chat conversations.

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To learn more about the Engagement Solution see the Engagement Solution Overview.

Engaged On Website

Accounts with at least 3 interactions with your website. You can customize this attribute based on the requirements of your organization.


An experience is used in Site Customization and is defined as one or more change actions such as changing the text, image or link of an HTML element. Experiences map to a single URL where the change actions will run on.



Firmographic Data

Characteristics that describe a company such as number of employees, industry, revenue, or geography.  

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To learn more about the firmographic attributes and values available from the Demandbase see Firmographic Attributes Overview.

First Party Data

Your own data about your customers. 



High Intent Users

Users at the account that frequently research your intent keywords and buyer interests.



IP Address

A unique number assigned to a computing device to connect to the internet. 




Lift is the number or percent of accounts with increased page views from the baseline period to the campaign period. You can have 2 types of lifted accounts: 

  • More engaged: Accounts with more page views during the campaign than the baseline.
  • New on site: Accounts on-site during the campaign but not on-site during the baseline. 



Overall Score

This metric is located in the Audience list. Accounts are scored High, Medium and Low. Based on our AI, high scoring accounts are more qualified than 75% customers, and medium scored accounts are better qualified than 25% of your customers, and low scored accounts are below the 25% threshold.

Overall Score Number

This metric is located in the Audience CSV export file. It is a 3 digit numeric number that ranks accounts based on Demandbase AI. The higher the number the more qualified the account is. Based on our AI, high scoring accounts are more qualified than 75% customers, and medium scored accounts are better qualified than 25% of your customers, and low scored accounts are below the 25% threshold.



Potential Buyers

A group of companies who are most likely to buy Demandbase products and services.


A profile is the set of inputs that Demandbase uses to identify immediate interests and behaviors of a group of accounts. You build a profile in the Demandbase ABM Platform. When you build a profile, Demandbase asks for your buyer's interests, buyer titles, your current customers and other engagement criteria.  After you submit these inputs, Demandbase generates a list of target accounts that make up that specific profile.  The list of target accounts in the profile are ranked and prioritized based on which accounts are in the market for your products, services and solutions and are showing the highest amount of buying intent.




Accounts are ranked based on an AI-driven calculation considering dozens of inputs from the profile.

ROI: Return on Investment

A metric used to determine the contribution of spending to revenue.


Metric located on the Targeting > Campaigns Dashboard that indicates the accounts that have been served at least one impression during the campaign.




A segment is used in Site Customization and is defined as high-level rules/conditions, such as Industry = Software where 1 or more experiences can run for the segment.


A session is a way to measure a user's activity on your website during a specific time period (for example, 30 days). A single session may include multiple page views, events, and other groups of user interactions.

You have the option to customize the definition for Sessions on the Website Activity tab in the ABM Platform by using the Account Engagement Filter feature. To access this feature:

  • In the ABM Platform, click the Cog Wheel.
  • Next click Settings.
  • In the Settings navigation area, click Data customizations.
  • Click the arrow to open the Account Engagement section.
  • Customize your Account Engagement definition.
  • Click Save.

Site Analytics

Site Analytics allows you to get faster access to website data within the Demandbase ABM Platform. It gives you information on what companies are visiting your site and what pages or content they are engaging in so you can optimize your marketing programs and content.

Learn More

To learn more about the Site Analytics see Site Analytics Overview.

Site Customization

Site Customization is a capability of the Demandbase Engagement Solution and lets you display content you specify for different target accounts and segments. To customize your site, you use the Site Customization set up tool to select the page and page elements you wish to personalize for a given audience segment, such as a hero image, message, or call to action. Demandbase will deliver the personalized content you’ve specified based on visitor segment.

Site Optimization

Site Optimization is capability of the Demandbase Engagement Solution and is a turn-key approach to website personalization. You specify the high-value content and goals using Demandbase’s Site Optimization set up tool. Demandbase then applies its AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to automatically recommend specific web pages to visitors based on their company interests and behavior.

Static Audience

An audience created in the ABM Platform via CSV Upload, Account Selection, Audience Filtering, or Firmographics is static and does not refresh without human adjustments. Consider these
“snapshots” of the audience data in time.



Targeting Solution

Demandbase's digital advertising solution for B2B marketers. Built according to the principles of Account-Based Marketing, Targeting helps marketers and agencies advertise to prioritized accounts and their relevant decision makers and stakeholders. With Targeting, marketers can:

  • Deliver digital advertising to decision makers and stakeholders within target accounts.
  • Personalize ad creative to address audiences by industry/vertical, company or other custom attributes.
  • Identify companies showing lift in ad and site engagement to inform sales and marketing tactics.
  • Measure advertising’s impact on close rates, deal size and funnel velocity.

Learn More

To learn more about the Targeting Solution see the Targeting Solution Overview.

Top Trending Intent

Top ranking keywords from your profile that users from this account are researching. Instead of showing the keywords that are researched most often, Demandbase highlights keywords that are impactful to your business based on how strong of indicators they are of a prospect's quality.

For example, if a customer is researching desktop computers, they may be doing general research on the history of computers, they may be comparing desktop vs laptop computers, they may be someone who doesn’t know what a desktop is. But if a customer is researching dell latitude, you know immediately that they either own, or are interested in buying a very specific computer – which is much more valuable information.



Visited Website

Accounts with at least 1 visit to your website. 



With Trending Off-site Intent

Select this dynamic filter in the ABM Platform to show accounts that are researching your keywords more over the last week compared to the past 2 months.

With Trending On-site Engagement

Select this dynamic filter in the ABM Platform to show accounts that have been more engaged with your website over the last week compared to the last 2 months.


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