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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Conversion Solution. Click the links below to learn more. 


Does Demandbase work with the free version of Slack?

Yes. Demandbase currently works with all versions of Slack. 


Does Demandbase push data into Salesforce?

The Demandbase integration with Salesforce does not push any data into Salesforce. The integration is essentially a window (or iframe) into Demandbase from Salesforce.


Does Salesforce require the oAuth use to be re-authorized after a period of time?

Yes, the Salesforce oAuth will expire every six months and will require re-authorization. Visit this page for more information.  


How do I determine if I’ve integrated my CRM system for the Conversion Solution?

In order to integrate Conversion with your CRM, you need to complete the oAuth step in the Demandbase ABM Platform.

  • Navigate to the Setup page: Home > Setup > Salesforce Integration.
  • If the connection is successful, a green check mark will appear next to Sales Integration. If the integration is not complete, the checkbox will be grayed out.



Demandbase currently only integrates with  


How do I purchase additional seats?

Purchasing additional seats requires a contract amendment. Please contact your CSM to make this request.


How many seats/licenses do I have? How many are left?

Your Demandbase contract will identify how many seats or licenses you have purchased. If you are unsure, or if you would like to know how many seats you have left then please contact your CSM.


How do I swap out an account owner when ownership changes?

Depending on how you’ve integrated your CMS data with Demandbase will determine how the account owner data is updated.

  • Salesforce Sync Application – To update an account owner in Demandbase when using the Salesforce Sync Application, simply update the owner in specific account record Salesforce. The weekly sync process will automatically sync and update the account owner in Demandbase Conversion within a week. If you do not see this change occur then please open a support ticket.

  • Manual Data Dump – To update an account owner in Demandbase via a manual data dump, please provide a new Accounts and Contacts report and open a ticket with the support team, provide the report URL and request that the new report is ingested.


Please provide the email address of the new user as well. 



How often is Slack updated with new insights from Demandbase?

Whenever an account is on the website. The Demandbase Slack Conversion solution will group pageviews into a 20-minute session per account. In other words, Insights will not be delivered on every pageview, instead, they will be batched in 20-minute sessions. If an accounts session spans longer than 20 minutes, the account will appear in the next batch of insights delivered to Slack, as well.


What are the specifications for the Conversion reports?

The specification for the Contacts & Accounts, Account Teams, and Users report can be found here.


What frequency does the Salesforce Sync occur?

The automatic Salesforce Sync occurs weekly.


What happens if the user who set up the oAuth is disabled in Salesforce?

The existing oAuth will need to be revoked and a new user will need to OAuth with Salesforce.


What happens if we merge accounts in Salesforce?

If you're utilizing the Salesforce CRM integration then the weekly sync will ingest the latest data from your most recent report. 


What is the frequency of the emails that are sent?

By default, emails are scheduled to be sent on a weekly basis. The day of the week is configurable. Please open a support ticket if you would like to configure the day of the week that emails are sent.

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