Additional Implementation Tasks



This article provides an overview of the implementation tasks you need to complete to go live with your additional Demandbase Solutions including Targeting, Engagement, and Conversion.

Targeting Solution Set Up

Once you have Demandbase tag enabled it's time to create the main elements you need to go live with Targeting Solution. These include:

  • Create your target account list: Build a list of the potential accounts you want to target with your ad campaign and submit it to Demandbase. You can submit the list to Demandbase as an Excel file.
  • Prepare your creative set: You'll need to submit images and associated files for 3 personalized ads according to Demandbase specifications.
  • Provide your landing page URL: You can include unique UTM parameters to track the progress of your campaign.

 Example of personalized ad size specifications


Learn More

  • Read this eBook on building your target account list here.
  • Review the detailed ad creative specifications here.
  • Review this article for more information about UTM parameters.

Engagement Solution Set Up

To get started, follow these steps for each of the Engagement Solutions capabilities you'd like to implement.

Site Customization

Your main tasks for site customization involve setting up the personalized experiences you'd like to deliver on your website for each of your target audiences.

  • Create one or more audiences by segmenting your account lists.
  • Set up one or more experiences that match each of your segmented audiences.
  • Preview, test, and activate the experience on your website.

Learn More:

  • For step-by-step instructions on using Demandbase Set Up for Site Customization, review this article.
  • Refer to this collection of articles for details on setting up integration with your content management system.

Site Optimization

The key tasks for site optimization include specifying the user experience for the content recommendations displayed to users.

  • Select your display options to control how the recommendation window is displayed on your web pages.
  • Select your recommendation options by adding conditions and URLs for the high value goal pages you want your accounts to visit. 
  • Preview and customize the look and feel including colors, fonts, and many more options for the look and feel.
  • Configure additional options for event reporting and user experience.
  • Save and publish to go live.

For step-by-step instructions configuring Site Optimization, review this article.


To set up Demandbase Forms you need to match the fields in your form with Demandbase attributes.

  • Specify the attributes: These are the Demandbase firmographic attributes you want to collect via the form.
  • Create a test form with hidden fields for the attributes to feed into.
  • Map each form field to one of the attribute.
  • Use the URL provided by your Demandbase team to test the form and ensure it is functioning as expected.

For step-by-step instructions configuring Demandbase Forms, review this article.

Conversion Solution Set Up

Once you set up your Demandbase Profile, the main tasks for setting up Demandbase Conversion Solution involve specifying the frequency and type of channels you want to enable for insights.

For each of the tasks listed below you will need to involve your (SFDC) administrator. 

  • Account and User Reports: Provide Demandbase with your report extracts and URLs from SFDC.
  • OAuth Set Up: Set up dynamic data syncing from SFDC.
  • Set up Optional Delivery Channels: Install and configure the Conversion app in SFDC and/or Slack. Your project manager will provide you will detailed instructions for installing these apps.


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