Main Implementation Tasks



Here's a list of the main tasks you need to complete to go live with your Demandbase Solutions.

Demandbase Tag Setup

Make sure Demandbase Tag is deployed on your website!

To activate Demandbase on your website for account-based identification of visitors, you need to add a code snippet called Demandbase Tag to all of the web pages on your site. This is a task that is typically carried out by your web site administrator, who should be involved in this phase in the role of Technical Platform Administrator. 

Here is an example of the Demandbase Tag code snippet: 

You can locate your unique code by logging in to the ABM Platform as an administrator and clicking the gear icon to accessing the Settings page.


For details on this step, refer to this article.

Platform User Set Up

It's time to make sure your users have access to the ABM Platform and solutions.

To get started, follow these steps.

  1. Identify the users at your organization and what type of access each will need to your licensed Demandbase solutions.
  2. Set up user access by logging in to the Demandbase ABM Platform as an administrator and assigning each user with the type of access they need for each solution.

Identify the Users

Make a list of the users, their access level, and the solutions they will be using. For each user you'll be able to designate their role as either Admin or Read Only for each of your licensed Demandbase solutions. 

As a general guideline, assign Admin access to the users who need to create and make changes to your solutions, and give read only rights to users who only need to view information without changing it.

Admin Access

These are the users in your organization who will need to carry out key tasks in the ABM Platform and other Demandbase solutions you've purchased.

Common Admin Tasks

  • Adjust main platform settings
  • Edit user permissions and add or remove users
  • Create and manage audiences and ABM analytics reports
  • Create and manage Demandbase Profiles
  • Manage Ad campaign and reporting
  • Create and publish personalized experiences
  • Configure settings for 3rd party platform integrations

Typical Roles for Admin Users

Here are the typical team member roles who carry out these tasks. Make sure you have identified each one so you can set up their Admin access accordingly.

  • Your Technical Resource
  • Your Marketing Lead
  • Your Main Demandbase User

Read Only Access

These are the users in your organization who need to view reports and information from within the ABM Platform and solutions.

Common Read Only Tasks

  • View ABM Analytics reports
  • View Demandbase Profiles
  • View Ad reporting and dashboards
  • View personalized experience settings
  • View Conversion usage reports

Typical Roles for Read Only Users

Here are the typical team member roles who carry out these tasks. Make sure you have identified each one and set up their Read Only access accordingly.

  • Marketing Staff
  • Sales Managers

Set Up User Access

Once you know who needs access to the platform, log in to the ABM Platform with your Platform Admin credentials and set up each user's access for each of your licensed solutions. 

ABM Platform Users tab in Admin Mode

For additional instructions on how to set up users, review this article.

Demandbase Profile Set Up

If you have ABM Platform Pro or Conversion Solution you will need to set up a Demandbase Profile.


A Demandbase profile is the set of inputs you provide that Demandbase AI technology uses to recommend target accounts for your ABM initiatives. Start gathering up these details that you'll need to complete your organization's profile.

  • Profile Name: Work with team members to prioritize a specific use cases or product category name to use for your first profile.
  • Keywords:  Work with your sales team to identify different types of keywords about primary contacts at your current and target accounts, including their titles, roles, and interests. You can also have Demandbase recommend interest keywords during the profile set up process.
  • Best Customers: Together with your sales team, gather a list of your best current customers.

For more information on this step and the type of information you need to fill into your profile, review this article.

Audience Creation

Create an audience to add your target account list to the ABM Platform.

An audience in the Demandbase ABM Platform is a list of target accounts that you create inside the platform. You can then begin viewing and tracking performance metrics for the audience. 

There are several options available for creating an audience. To start with you can simply upload a list of your target accounts directly into the platform or ask your project manager for assistance.


Audience building options in the ABM Platform

Learn More

  • For details on the different ways you can build audiences in the ABM Platform, review this article.

3rd Party Analytics Integration Set Up

Depending on the analytics system your organization uses, you'll need to set up integration with Demandbase to enable ABM data flow. 

Demandbase works with these 3rd party analytics systems:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Analytics

Be sure to identify the owner of your analytics system and get them involved in this task as a technical resource to configuration and test the integration.

Learn More:

Click a link below to access articles with detailed instructions:

Testing and Validation

Once you have completed your main implementation tasks, set up a test and review cycle with your team to ensure everything is working correctly.

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