Implementation Process Overview



Here is the main process we'll complete together to implement your Demandbase solutions. The process can vary depending on which solutions you've licensed. 


Step 1: Demandbase Tag Setup

In this step you place a code snippet on each of your website pages.

Step 2: Platform User Setup

In this step you identify and set up different types of Demandbase solution users.

Step 3: Demandbase Profile Setup

If you've purchased Platform Pro, you'll complete this step to set up your Demandbase Profile. This step includes identifying and entering in keywords that serve as input for Demandbase AI technology to recommend target accounts.

Example profile setup page.


Step 4: Audience Creation

In this step you set up a list of target accounts inside the ABM Platform so you can begin tracking performance metrics for these accounts. 


Audience building options.


Step 5: 3rd Party Analytics Integration

In this step you set up integration between Demandbase and your analytics system to enable the flow of ABM data, and also set up standard ABM reports. 

Step 6: Additional Solutions Integration

In this step we'll work together to make sure all of your licensed Demandbase solutions are implemented, including Targeting, Engagement, and Conversion.

Your Demandbase Team

Here are the key roles and tasks for your Demandbase implementation team during implementation. 



Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Your main point of contact at Demandbase:

  • Supports your implementation efforts
  • Makes sure your implementation delivers you value and meets your goals
Project Manager (PM)

Responsible for management of all tasks and timelines during implementation:

  • Schedules and conducts implemenation meetings
  • Creates and updates the project schedule
  • Facilitates completion of key deliverables by the project team 
 Implementation Engineer (IE)  A Demandbase technical expert assigned to your implementation:
  • Assists with completing technical configuration of your solutions and 3rd party platform integrations
  • Provides technical best practices for your configurations
  • Answers technical questions that may arise


Your Organization's Tasks

Here are your organization's key tasks for implementing Demandbase solutions. Be sure to identify who on your team will complete the tasks for each of the solutions you've purchased.

ABM Platform

  • Activate Demandbase Tag
  • Set Up Users
  • Create an Audience
  • Integrate 3rd party analytics system and set up standard reports

ABM Platform Pro

  • Set up your Demandbase Profile

Targeting Solution

  • Identify and submit a list of potential target accounts for your ad campaign
  • Prepare and submit your Creative Set
  • Provide your landing page URL

Engagement Solution

  • Site Customization: Set up personalized experiences
  • Site Optimization: Specify your high value content and display options
  • Forms: Map Demandbase data to your form template

Conversion Solution

  • Account and User Reports: Provide report extracts and URLs from
  • OAuth Set Up: Complete the steps to enable dynamic syncing of data from
  • Set up Optional Delivery Channels: Install Conversion apps in and/or Slack to enable data display (optional)
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