Adjust Your Conversion Insights

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Leverage the Notification Preferences feature, accessible from both the weekly email digest and each Slack alert, to maximize the relevance of the accounts that are monitored for insights. This feature allows you to streamline your Conversion insights so you do not receive email insights or Slack alerts about target accounts that you are not interested in, or about accounts where it’s just not the right time for outreach.

Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how to do it:


  • Notification Preferences are for you alone - any changes you make will have no impact on colleagues of yours who may be receiving insights on the same accounts.
  • This will not be retroactive for insights already delivered, but will be enabled for insights going forward.
  • You will still see insights on the Salesforce account record for accounts that you have de-selected in Notification Preferences.


Step 1: Open the Preferences Page

1.1 Click the Email too long? Click here to personalize link from your Conversion email digest, or click the Preferences button from a Slack alert.


Screenshot of the link in the Conversion Solution email digest.


Screenshot of the Preferences button on a Conversion Solution Slack alert.


Step 2: Select Your Preferences

2.1 On the Notification Preferences page, de-select the Email and Slack checkboxes for accounts that you want to turn off.


Step 3: Save Your Preferences

3.1 Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click Save.


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