Q3 2018 Product Update

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The pace of innovation at Demandbase continues at breakneck speed!


Some highlights...

  • Next-Generation Targeting: Demandbase has taken a quantum leap forward for account-based advertising, with unparalleled campaign performance, transparency and flexibility.


  • Deep CRM Integrations: Customers now have access to the rich ABM Platform functionality in a native Salesforce or Pardot UI.
  • Rich New Features: We continue to address the unique needs of complex organizations, supporting richer analytics and dashboards, more granular configuration, transparent reporting, additional monitoring and increased ease of use.


Everything we released...

ABM Platform


Clone Existing Profiles

ABM Platform Pro customers that have purchased multiple profiles can clone existing profiles and edit them, rather than having to create every profile – keywords, customers, and other preferences – entirely from scratch.


Redesigned ABM Analytics

Two small but mighty updates to Analytics: 1) Click on the number listed by any stage in ABM Analytics to view the list of accounts included in that time period, and 2) Customize the definition of ‘Engaged’ based on sessions OR pageviews, over a customizable time period.



Tag Monitoring & Alerts

Demandbase is monitoring all tags in production and doing health checks across the board for each customer. The new status indicator is a quick visual for a status and will send alerts whenever a status changes.





Targeting Solution


 Keyword Discovery - SEM Score

The SEM quality of each discovered keyword is labeled ‘high’, ‘medium’ or ‘low’ based on a combination of the online cost competitiveness of the keyword, and the audience’s overall engagement with the keyword.



Creative in Campaign Reporting

Targeting customers can now see their ad creative within the campaign reporting dashboard. This enables them to measure impressions, clicks and CTR by creative size.




New Integrations


Demandbase For Drift Chat

Demandbase for Drift enables sales teams to route incoming chats by Demandbase firmographics and personalize Drift Playbooks to deliver a personalized and targeted chat experience for accounts.


Demandbase For Adobe Launch

A turn-key solution that enables Adobe customers to get Demandbase data. Within the Adobe Launch platform, use the self-serve Demandbase Extension which takes just minutes to set up.  




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