How to Change Customizable Attributes

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Demandbase allows you to provide custom return values for select attributes in order to meet your business needs. Account Administrators have access to make data customization changes directly within the ABM Platform.


Step 1: Enter Admin Mode

1.1. Click the Cog wheel to enter Admin Mode.


1.2. You are now in Admin Mode.


Step 2: Click the Settings Tab


Step 3: Click Data Customizations


Step 4: Select the Data Customization to be Changed

4.1. Click the arrow next to the data customization you want to change.


Customizing Account Engagement

You can define what Engagement means to you. This definition will be applied to reports where engagement is measured referring to your definition of # of unique sessions.


Customizing Industry and Sub Industry Values

Industry customizations are a very popular option for many companies. Demandbase uses SIC codes to map industries to companies.

Industry Mapping

4.1. When you click Industry Mapping all current industry categories open.


4.2. Click any industry to delete or add additional SIC codes to the industry, as well as rename the industry as needed.  SIC codes can only be affiliated with one industry at a time.



You can click the Download Data (CSV) link to download the data to your desktop. You can then update the CSV file, save the changes and then click Upload SIC Codes link to upload the updated file.


Customizing Revenue Range and Employee Range Values

Demandbase can cater to your company's definitions of company sizes. For example, some might consider a company with 100 employees a "Small Business" while to others, this would be a "Mid-Market." The default values for these ranges are listed below.

Revenue Range


Employee Range


Customizing Account Watch Values

Account Watch values are company-specific attributes that you have full control over. For more information, see this article.

Step 5: Save the Changes

5.1. Click Save to save your changes. The changes will be reflected in your Demandbase data within 24 hours.

Note: For any questions about this process contact your Customer Success Manager or

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