Q2 2018 Product Update

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The Demandbase Product Team releases new code and bug fixes every week and rolls up all release topics as a summary every quarter. Below is a high-level overview of what was included in the Q2 release. Should you have any questions or wish to review in more detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your CSM.



ABM Platform

Enhanced Audience Management Functionality for ABM Platform Customers*

All Demandbase customers now have access to a unified Audience Management user experience regardless of their Platform product selection (ABM Platform vs Platform Pro). With this release, all users can take advantage of the new and improved functionality and aesthetics of Account Workbench.

Audience Creation from Firmographics*

Platform users now have a fourth way to generate an audience - from firmographics. Many customers have an idea of the types of companies they are looking to target, but limited CRM/MAS data prevents them from identifying, marketing and tracking progress against them. With firmographic audiences, customers can now filter by employee size, revenue range, industry and location in order to generate a list of up to 2,500 accounts that meet their specific criteria.



Account Workbench Filters for Custom Attributes*

From the ABM Platform Audience Workbench, customers are now able to filter by custom attributes, like data from Salesforce, associated with accounts. This allows customers to leverage first-party data for audience management and segmentation, in addition to all of the firmographic, demographic, and behavioral data supplied by Demandbase.


Website Traffic Filters for Web Engagement*

Platform Pro customers are now able to specify pages to include/exclude within the Platform - across Audiences and ABM Analytics. This is particularly useful for customers who want to restrict their view to a set of pages associated with their particular business unit.



Configurable ABM Funnel Settings*

Customers are now able to customize the definitions of the ‘Engaged’ and ‘Converted’ Account Stages that are exposed in ABM Analytics.




Account Drill-down & Account Stage Filtering*

From ABM Analytics, customers can now drill-down and view the group of accounts in a given Account Stage. For any audience, customers have the ability to filter a set of accounts by Account Stage allowing them to easily identify funnel drop-off, empowering customers to make more educated targeting and engagement decisions.


ABM Analytics Comparison of Different Time Periods

ABM Analytics now allows customers to set independent date ranges for primary and comparison audiences. The primary use case for this functionality is for comparing the SAME audience over two different time periods (for example, customers may want to look at how a vertical performed last quarter vs. this quarter). To use this feature, customers simply have to uncheck the box labeled ‘Use same start & end date for both audiences’.


Conversion Solution

Location Exposed in Web Engagement Insights

Within weekly digest emails and within Salesforce, Conversion Solution users will now see a “Locations” option on web engagement cards for their assigned accounts. This links out to a separate webpage (no login required) and includes the metro regions of their onsite users, specific URLs visited, and the dates that the activity occurred. Options for viewing this data are available at a weekly, monthly, and quarterly rollup. For example, Sales reps may choose to leverage this new functionality after a meeting at a particular office location, and this new location functionality would allow them to determine if that resulted in increased web engagement.


Salesforce Pardot Prospects in Conversion Solution Cards

Within weekly digest emails, Slack notifications and within Salesforce, customers who have Salesforce Pardot can now see the names of Prospects who have had recent activity, along with their Conversion Insights. This allows sales teams to quickly find the right contacts that are engaged from the accounts that matter the most.

Notification Preferences for Conversion Solution Alerts

Conversion Solution customers can now manage their individual notification preferences at an account level via both Slack and Email. Sales reps may have hundreds of accounts assigned to them, and this new feature allows users to customize which accounts to receive notifications for.


Account News Insights 

In addition to web engagement metrics, intent insights, and contact news for Conversion users, we have released Account News in General Availability across all clients via Email and Salesforce. This includes notifications when an account was mentioned in a relevant/topical news article or blog.


Platform Administration

Demandbase Admin Mode

Demandbase Platform now offers one integrated area for administrators to manage their own users and view details about users such as their role and level of access. Additionally, admins can customize their API return data such as industry and sub-industry mappings as well as revenue and employee range values. Administrators can also view their Account’s current licensed solutions as well as any 3rd party product integrations available to their Demandbase Account.


*Important Information: If you are unable to see any of the features above, and you are interested in being a member of an Early Adopter Program, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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