Keyword Discovery FAQ



1. What is Keyword Discovery?

Keyword Discovery is a tool that monitors the behaviors of the buying committees at your target accounts and surfaces new keyword suggestions. 

To get started:

    • In the ABM Platform, navigate to Targeting > Keyword Discovery
    • Select a profile
    • Select an audience
    • Click Generate Keywords

2. How does Keyword Discovery find new keywords?

To use Keyword Discovery, you must first build an Account Selection profile and generate an account list and audience. That account list audience, and more specifically, the individuals within those accounts from whom Demandbase has observed engagement on the keywords provided in the profile, becomes the group that Demandbase monitors for new keywords.

The discovered keywords are ranked and represent a combination of: 

  1. Volume of engagement from target accounts
  2. Contextual similarity to your profile keywords
  3. Distinctiveness to your target accounts 

3. What’s the difference between Keyword Discovery and the Keyword Recommender tool in the profile builder?

Keyword Discovery brings the "ABM lens" to keyword expansion. The Keyword Recommender tool in Account Selection’s profile builder surfaces keywords based on contextual similarity to the keywords the user has entered. In contrast, Keyword Discovery monitors the specific buyers and influencers within a set of target accounts to uncover additional keywords that are directly relevant to that audience.

4Do I need to have Account Selection to use Keyword Discovery?

Yes. Account Selection is required to use Keyword Discovery.

5. What time window does the tool use for keyword monitoring?

Keyword Discovery uses all available data to build the report and does not center on a specific time window.

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