Conversion Solution Overview

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The Demandbase Conversion enables Sales Teams to:

  • Understand what their target accounts are doing
  • Create personalized talking points based on intent
  • Receive insights for sales outreach delivered to email, Slack and Salesforce
  • Prioritize accounts based on buying signals 

Click the links below to learn more about the Demandbase Conversion Solution:

How It Works

Demandbase Conversion leverages AI to surface the insights you need to better understand and target the right individuals,with personalized messages, within your target accounts. The insights are delivered right where Sales users want them—in email, Slack, or Salesforce.

Similar to the rest of the Demandbase ABM Platform, Conversion starts with building out your custom profile, telling the platform about your ideal customers, your existing customers, common job titles, keywords, and more. The end result are insights (or alerts) that are delivered to sales teams via email, Slack and Salesforce (Classic and Lightning versions). These insights provide sales teams with information about what their target accounts are interested in, what pages on your website they are visiting, and what news articles they are researching.


Types of Insights

The insights sales teams receive allow them to prioritize their outreach based on the level of intent and interest of their target accounts. The insights are directly linked to the target accounts they own in Salesforce allowing them to focus only on those accounts that mean the most to them.

With Demandbase Conversion sales teams have access to three types of insights:

  1. Intent
  2. Web Activity
  3. Account News

These insights are accessible via Email, Slack,  and Salesforce (Classic and Lightning versions). 


Use Cases for Demandbase Conversion

This table below lists the typical use cases for each type of insight:

  • Prioritize outreach based on who’s interested
  • Personalize outreach based on what interests them
Web Activity
  • Timely outreach based on who’s engaged on your website
  • Personalize outreach based on what content they’ve engaged with
Account News
  • Better understand the account
  • Personalize outreach by referencing company news

Insight Examples

This section provides examples of Email, Slack and Salesforce insights. Click the links below to learn more:

Email Insights

Email insights allow sales teams to prioritize their daily sales activities based on the level of intent and web engagement they receive from an account in each insight. Email insights are sent as a weekly digest of target account activity for each rep. Sales reps can see insights for the most engaged accounts at the top of each email. Sales reps can click the links in the email to view specific account activity. Based on the type of insight and account activity, sales reps can develop a strategy for contacting the account with personalized messaging. Below is an example of a Weekly Email Digest



Types of Email Insights

There are different types of email insights sales teams receive including: 

Increased Activity Insights

Increased Activity Insights alert Sales reps when there is increased activity on their high value pages. This insight provides a summary of the activity, the known contacts who visited their site and the specific pages they visited. There are also quick links to LinkedIn and Salesforce


Re-engaged Activity Insights

Re-engaged Activity Insights alert Sales reps when a target account re-engages with their website after a long absence. This type of insight shows the number of days since the target account last visited their website, and it lists known contacts and the pages they are most interested in. Based on this information, Sales reps can conduct further research for this target account by opening the LinkedIn and Salesforce links to find relevant contacts to reach out to with their personalized messages. Sales reps can click the View location by pageviews to view more specifics about global traffic included in the insight including: Metro Region, web page visited and date visited.


Intent Insights

Intent Insights let Sales reps see what their target accounts are reading and researching as it pertains to relevant Demandbase keywords. They can click the links under each keyword to review articles that will help them develop relevant talking tracks. They can open the LinkedIn and Salesforce links to find additional information about a specific target account as well as research new contacts.   


Account News Insights

Accounts News Insights provide Sales reps with links to relevant news articles or blog posts a target account is reading or is a part of. Sales reps can read the content in the articles to find relevant talking points and tailor their messaging around current events. Links to LinkedIn and Salesforce are also included.


Slack Insights

Slack Insights are real-time notifications that alert you when your target accounts are actively visiting your company's website. This type of insight includes the account name and links to the specific pages they are visiting. Based on the pages they are researching, you can take immediate action by opening Salesforce or LinkedIn Sales Navigator and reaching out with personalized messages to contacts you find at each account.

Salesforce Insights

Salesforce allows you to to view recent activity for each of your target accounts in the Lightning and Classic versions of Salesforce.

Some of the types of insights you can view in Salesforce include:

Website Activity Insights

Website Activity Insights give you an overview of how many sessions a target account has had at your website over the last 30 days, the number of pages viewed, and the percent increase or decrease in their activity. You can use this information to prioritize the accounts you reach out to.

Recent Activity Insights

Recent Activity Insights show you the number of days since the target account last visited your site, how many days since their most recent activity,  and the web pages they are most interested in. This type of insight helps you prioritize and personalize your outreach to those target accounts that are showing the highest intent and activity.

Website Traffic Trends Report

The Website Traffic Trends Report shows you website activity for all of your accounts. You can see which accounts are actively visiting your company's website, by day, week, month and quarter. You can also view which accounts your company is spending advertising dollars on. This report let's you see upward activity trends across all accounts which helps you prioritize the accounts you should focus on.

Usage Tracking

Use the Last 30 Days Report to track your team's usage of Demandbase Conversion insights.

You can access reporting in the Conversion area of the ABM Platform to track the monthly activity of your sales reps. This report is helpful to verify that your sales teams are receiving insights and using them productively.

The report tracks the following types of activities:

  • Number of accounts owned
  • Total insights delivered
  • Insights clicked
  • Unique email open rate
  • Salesforce account views
  • Number of Slack insights

Sample Last 30 Days Report in the ABM Platform

Customize Notifications in Slack and Email

You can customize your notifications so that you only receive notifications from select accounts. This is useful if you are assigned to many accounts and want to focus on a specific set. 

To customize your notifications:

  1. Click either 1) the Preferences button in Slack or 2) Customize my Email Preferences within the email to open the Notification Preferences window.
  2. Within Slack, you can view the account that you clicked into. In order to view more, click View preferences for all recent and/or recently changed accounts to view those that have had activity in the last 7 days or those you have previously adjusted notifications for.
  3. Click the check boxes next to the accounts you no longer want to receive notifications from and then click Save to save your changes.

Best Practices

Use these best practices to get the most out of Demandbase Conversion.

Prioritize Accounts 

Prioritize your accounts by focusing on accounts that are visiting your web site’s high-value pages, or reading and researching topics that are relevant to your business.


Discover New Contacts

Discover new contacts by leveraging the details from a website activity insight or an intent insight to help you build out the entire buying committee at your target accounts. You do this by reviewing the specific web pages this target account has visited to learn more about what this account is researching and reading about. Once this information is gathered, you can leverage it to find new contacts in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can also learn more about where the website visits came from by clicking the Pageviews grouped by location link.



View Global Traffic

Click the Pageviews grouped by location link to view more specifics about global traffic included in the insight including: Metro Region, web page visited and date visited. Use this information to prioritize your outreach to contacts in the regions listed.


Learn More

To learn more about the Conversion Solution see the Conversion FAQs.

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