Unhiding an Account in an Audience

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You may have hidden an account in an audience when it wasn't relevant. This article demonstrates how to unhide an account.


Step 1: Create a Filter

1.1. The hidden accounts option appears under the Filters drop-down. If you haven't saved a filter yet, create a test/dummy filter by clicking the Save Filter link.


1.2. Enter a name for the new filter and click Save.


Step 2: Unhide an Account

2.1. Expand the Saved Filter drop-down and select Hidden Accounts.


2.2. Select the checkbox next to the account(s) that you want to unhide.

2.3 Click Unhide Selected Accounts in the Actions menu on the right-hand side.


2.4 Optionally delete the test/dummy filter by hovering over the filter in the drop-down, selecting Edit, and Delete Filter in the pop-up.


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