Building a Keyword Cloud from Keyword Discovery

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Keyword Discovery monitors the behaviors of the buying committees at your target accounts and surfaces new keyword recommendations. 

You can use Keyword Discovery to identify new relevant keywords by:

  • Increasing click volume by capturing your buyers’ attention from a broader range of intent signals.
  • Getting an edge on your competitors and improving Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efficiency by finding keywords that are contextually similar but less intuitive – and therefore less competitive, and less expensive.

Keyword Discovery can also drive a great amount of value for content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Keyword Discovery results can give marketers a basis to audit the content on their sites, in
    order to:
    • Speak the buyers’ language by elevating the impact of your website and other digital channels with content that aligns to the demonstrated intent of your target accounts.
    • Maximize organic search traffic with an SEO strategy that reaches into adjacent content areas.

Steps for Generating Keyword Cloud

Follow these steps to generate a Keyword Cloud: 

1. Log into the ABM Platform by navigating to

2. Navigate to Targeting > Keyword Discovery

3. Select a profile.

4. Select an audience.

5. Click Generate Keywords.


After you click the Generate Keywords button, you can view the results in the Keyword Cloud View and Top Keywords Table.

Note: It may take a few few minutes for the results to display.

Keyword Cloud View

You'll see two types of keywords in your keyword cloud:

  • Blue Keywords: These are the keywords already set up in your organization's Demandbase Profile.
  • Orange Keywords: These have been discovered for you by Demandbase Artificial Intelligence.

The size of the keyword corresponds with its rank, which is determined by a combination of:

  • Volume of engagement from target accounts
  • Contextual similarity to your profile keywords
  • Distinctiveness to your target accounts 

You can click each word to view the top five accounts reading about it as well as add it to your organization's Demandbase Profile.


Adding Keywords to Your Profile from the Keyword Cloud

To add a keyword to your profile from the Keyword Cloud:

1. Click the word you want to add.

2. Select Add Keyword to Profile


Top Keywords Table

View details about each keyword from the searchable Top Keywords Table, including:

  • The account ranking.
  • Number of accounts with trending off-site intent.
  • How many people are researching it.
  • How many accounts are researching it.
  • Example URLs where there has been significant recent activity.


 Adding Keywords to Your Profile from the Top Keywords Table

To add a keyword to your profile from the Top Keywords Table:

1. Click the check boxes next to the keywords you want to add to your profile.

2. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Add to profile




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