Set Up the Demandbase Slack App

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Solutions Used

  • The Demandbase Conversion Solution (Required)
  • Slack (Required)


The Slack integration for the Conversion solution provides real-time web engagement metrics to specified account owners. Follow these steps to install the app.

NOTE: You must have Slack Admin privileges to install any app in Slack or have been granted the privilege to install apps from your Slack Admin.

Setup Steps

Step 1: Create a Channel

To associate the Conversion app with a Slack channel, create a new channel on your Slack team. Give it a name you will recognize such as #conversion. Only the person installing the app needs to join this new channel.

Step 2: Add the Conversion App to Slack

Go to and click the Add to Slack button.


Step 3: Authorize

From the new tab on the domain that opens, log in and select the new channel you created in Step 1. Then click Authorize to complete the install. You will be redirected back to and the screen should say “Authorization Succeeded.” The app is now installed.

All users added during the initial onboarding process will automatically start receiving Slack notification from the Conversion app. Going forward, a sync will occur weekly in order to pick up new Slack users.


Slack Admins also have the ability to remove the Conversion app, and there may be multiple Admins at your organization. If that occurs inadvertently, Admins can follow the above instructions to re-install.

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